Come on America, “Grow a Pair”


I’m sure that millions of Americans are as pleased, as I am, to see Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an American POW, released from Taliban custody after 5 years of what must have been pure pain and misery.

The swap of Sgt. Bergdahl for 5 pieces of uncivilized trash does not bother me that much, it just gives us five more Taliban targets; and I sincerely hope we have snipers in position, ready at the first opportunity to blow the tops of the heads off of the released prisoners AND their Taliban escorts. These people, the Taliban and their sympathizers, are truly sub-human and need to be hunted like any other uncaged predator would be. That however is just a fantasy as long as we have eunuchs in the White House administration.

If the White House was staffed with real American patriots and not left leaning quasi-Americans, Sgt. Bergdahl’s rescue (or at least an attempt at a rescue leaving behind hundreds of Taliban bodies) would have taken place over 4-1/2 years ago.

Yes, Bergdahl may have been killed in an attempted rescue but, like every soldier in the past 40 years who volunteered to serve in the military (in July it will be 41 years since the draft ended) he must have realized (as I did in my day) that death is a very real possibility during an armed conflict with the many enemies of the United States. I hope every kid who is contemplating military service is MADE to be aware of that fact!

Quoting the Huffington Post : Since late 2001, “at least 2,169 members of the U.S. military have died in Afghanistan as a result of the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan.”

It is interesting to note that in the world outside the military, during a shorter period of time (2000 – 2010)  there were over 165,000 murders in the U.S.. Based on these facts, it may be suggested that it’s safer to be in Afghanistan, in the military, than in many places in the U.S.. (Perhaps that is because, in the military, you are encouraged to carry a weapon! You think?) . . . but that irreverent supposition begs the question.

Is there a better way to face our enemy than putting “boots on the ground”? You bet there is. I know that with the technology available today, we could send a missile smack dab in the middle of any Taliban (or Al Qaeda) tent, cave, stronghold or training camp. That kind of approach, however, at least in the last couple decades, has it’s drawbacks. Mainly it encourages the powerful friends of our enemies to return the favor, and right now, due to the intentional erosion of our self-defense capabilities, put in place by those aforementioned eunuchs, it may be a very dangerous strategy that we are not prepared for.  We need to get prepared!

In the future, IF the U.S. military’s defense capabilities were to be restored by the American public and some real Patriots were put in place in the legislature, the White House and the Supreme Court, and if we could actually stand behind a firmly stated self-defense policy without the spokesperson’s knees knocking (a policy something like my personal “I Have No Other Cheek” Policy (see below)), we may be able, in just a few years, to instill an understand in our enemies that messing with the United States of America and our allies would be dangerous to the health of their nations.

I Have No Other Cheek, is such a simple and straight-forward self-defense policy, I reduced it to a Haiku (nonstandard):

I Have No Other Cheek

I’m a simple man
With a simple belief
Do onto others
As they’ve done to you.

Note that this is not a threatening policy that would encourage a “pissing contest” (excuse my language), it is simply a statement of personal intent and warning to those who would attempt to do harm to me or my circle of friends and family.

I repeat: Come on America, “grow a pair”

On a related note: every country in the world (not just the U.S.) needs to be rid of all nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. I don’t have any idea how that might happen but it MUST happen if the human race is to survive outside of remote caves and urban shelters. I’m too old to worry about the personal consequences of that NOT happening but those of us who have extended families with younger family members should, in the words of a Hollywood script writer for the movie “The Fly, “Be afraid! Be very afraid.”


‘Loki’ in the White House


LokiWhat the Hell is happening to the Republican Party, the party that formerly supported “fundamental freedoms” like a free market, personal freedom and freedom of the press?

That’s a rhetorical question! We all know what happened. Loki, disguised as a black Chicagoan, stepped out of Norse mythology to “trick” and lie his way into the U.S. presidency in 2008. Republican’s panicked and employed their normal tactics as they would against a normal man, not understanding that Loki is a god, a “trickster god who survives by being “malevolent, cunning, magical, and, above all else, eloquent.”

Then, in 2012, when Loki was again elected into the office of U. S. President by his minions, Republicans lost it all together. Now they are ready to deny the things that made them great to get rid of this evil presence. That’s completely understandable, they understand that you have to fight fire with fire. Let’s give up, for instance, trying to make arguments that convince the American public that Republicans are right by trying to gag the media, who consistently tells the public that Republicans are wrong. Lets boycott the media that supports and lies for President Loki and deny their reporters the chance to question and misrepresent everything Republican say in the future Republican debates. That’s the Ticket! Or is it?

I guess that the Republican’s have given up traveling the honorable path because Loki is continually outsmarting them by planting false ‘Detour’ signs and they assume that the American public is so gullible that they can see neither the true path or the true presence in the White House.

If they study their Norse mythology they will find out that when the mythological Loki overstepped the bounds of decency by causing the death of a truly good man, he was bound to a jagged cliff until world’s end. Once again, Loki’s incarnation is in the process of overstepping his bounds — in too many ways to count.

Republicans should not give up because Loki can be defeated by a good man who is seen by the masses as a fair man, an optimist and a truth teller, one who they believe can rescue our country from it’s downward spiral and once again assign Loki to a place where he will not be a bother; someplace like a presidential estate in the middle of a sugar cane field in the Hawaiian Islands.

The only problem with this happy scenario is the fact that right now most Republicans are so mired down in Social Conservatism that only a few of them can see the greatness of the past and the lies of their current path.