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Now the title of this blog entry may, at first, appear to be a political pitch, but it’s not. This post is not about our great country’s economic strength or our military strength or our victories against terrorists and those who would be happy to see the United States of America burn; this post is about what may happen if the House of Representatives goes Democratic after the rapidly upcoming mid-term elections.

You saw for yourself this past week, the lunacy of the far left. You saw them ready to shred basic legal principles such as ‘innocent until proven guilty’, and the responsibility of an accuser to actually face the accused and prove his or her accusations are true. Anyone who is paying attention should be able to see that the Far Left was using Dr. Ford, not to bring to light any crimes committed against her but to defeat the Supreme Court nomination of a jurist who has, in case after case, proven to be a potentially great Supreme Court Justice. The Far Left does not want a fair and thoughtful judge on the Supreme Court, they want justices who throw away logic in favor of emotions.

The far left, and at this point this includes many of the Democrats who used to be liberal but have been enticed and then captured by the far left,  is in many ways far more dangerous than our foreign enemies. They are trying to change the very fabric of America by corrupting our laws our constitutional rights and our social norms one by one.

Not ‘If’ but ‘When’ you vote in the mid-term election, (and it is imperative that we all vote in this mid-term election) please keep in mind that the Democratic Party is determined to and strong enough to take over the House of Representatives if Conservative, Independent and right-leaning voters see this as just another boring mid-term election and then stay at home on election day. This will all but end the incredible era of prosperity and progress that President Trump started and is determined to continue. That would be a National tragedy.


The Politics of America’s Destruction


According to a Christian Science Monitor article published today, the Supreme Court, rather than acting on an important issue,
is once again refusing to hear or rule on it. In this case, two lower court cases dealing with illegal immigration were put
before the court this past week and the court is, to use an appropriate football term, “punting” rather than addressing the

In these cases: one city (Farmers Branch, TX) had an ordinance that forced apartment complex owners/managers to refuse to rent
apartments to applicants who cannot prove they are here legally; that law was struck down by a lower court. In the city of
Hazelton, PA, a law forced employers to require all prospective employees to prove that they were legally able to work in the
U.S., a different lower court struck that law down.

In both cases, the arguments against these laws were based on theory that “federal immigration statutes and national policies
set by the Obama administration, preempted these laws.” It is apparent that in the “wise” eyes of the Supreme Court current
administration policies also “preempt” the Constitution.

To me, in plain English, the Supreme Court is clearly asserting that foreigners who are here illegally have the same rights under the
U.S. Constitution as those who born U.S. Citizens or who have been naturalized. This is wrong on so many levels! Not only
logically and morally but Constitutionally wrong — that is, if we had a Supreme Court that REALLY cared about the
Constitution or the people it was drafted to protect.

We’ve all seen it and we allowed it: Nationalism: “The feeling that people have of being loyal to and proud of their country
often with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries,” (Merriam Webster) is now looked on with
disdain by most politicians, many of societies “elites” and, obviously, the majority of Supreme Court Justices. It seem that
many of us no longer WANT to be the richest and most powerful nation on earth because they have been taught that being rich and
powerful and using those riches and that power (even if they are used to do good) is somehow shameful!

Back to topic: One would think that Supreme Court Justices should be able to understand the word illegal (as in illegal
immigrants) but no! Our spineless Supreme Court justices prefer to “punt the ball down-field” rather than making the hard
decisions; as if it’s hard to understand that illegal immigrants have NO LEGAL RIGHTS under our Constitution, no right to even
be in this country, much less any right to take American jobs and housing away from Americans or to avail themselves of things
like food stamps or other form of welfare that American citizens have to stand in line for.

I guess I’m just too ignorant to understand our country’s position on illegal immigration — at least as it is now.

I’m not a heartless person! I have compassion in my heart for many things such as American veterans who have to fight tooth
and nail for benefits that should not even be questioned; such as American children who go to bed hungry at night or who are
being raised in crime-ridden neighborhoods, some without the benefit of a father or even a decent role model, or those who
have been orphaned by the rampant crime in poorer neighborhoods. I have compassion in my heart for American families who are
borderline homeless and existing on food stamps because of the Federal Government’s incompetence, indecision and over-
regulation of American business. And yes, I also have compassion in my heart for people who have to live in countries where
government corruption makes it nearly impossible to survive with dignity and where American foreign aid goes into the pockets
of cheats and tyrants; but I simply cannot find compassion for those who sneak into the United States illegally to ‘steal’ our jobs and
our tax money and demand one of the most precious commodities in the world, American citizenship, at a time when millions of
American citizens are either unemployed, under-employed or jobless because they have given up looking for work.

Somehow this cycle of madness and cowardice, this era of “America Last” has to stop and it CAN stop with the next Presidential

True, most of the insane policies of Obama may begin to die in January of 2017 but unless ‘WE the People’ elect a president who is
proud to be a strong, freedom loving American, who wants to free the citizens from government dependency and who understands
that soft Liberal politics are the politics of National Destruction, we may have many years of misery ahead of us.

Photo-IDs Keep the Voting Process Honest


Soon the U.S. Supreme court will hear a case that will determine the constitutionality of requiring a government-issued photo ID to vote. The case they will hear was brought by the Democratic party in Indiana. Indiana, it seems has the strictest voter-ID laws in the country and the Democratic party is claiming that requiring a photo-ID places a particular burden on the poor and the elderly (two groups who’s votes the Democrats feel they ‘own’).

The problem of poor and elderly CITIZENS (emphasis intended) acquiring a photo ID is a very small problem that can be easily overcome by state and/or city governments; simply issue free voter ID cards to those who qualify for either status. As generous as the American people are and as generous as corporations are, the cost (or at least a substantial portion of the cost) of such a program would probably easily be underwritten by donations.

I suspect that the poor and the elderly are not the real problem however, I suspect that they are being used by the Democratic party (mainly the Democratic party) as ‘strawmen’ so the party workers can drag as many people to the polls as possible — people including those who are currently deceased and those who are here illegally and have no right to vote. Without the requirement of a photo-ID, all these illegal voters have to do is sign the names on their phony voter registration cards (assuming even that is required) and pull the proper lever.

There are those who will, because of that last paragraph, label me as a Republican but they will be wrong. I stand within neither party (or in any other party). I’m simply an American who understands that many, if not most, politicians are lowlifes who will do anything (with very few limits) to get votes. Historically, the Democratic party has been guilty of most of the vote-buying tactics and their current stand against a common sense principle like requiring a voter to positively identify himself or herself tells me I’m right when I accuse them of being guilty again.

It seems to me that the clearest and most solid argument for voter-ID can be made by reviewing the facts concerning illegal immigration. Thanks to our lax border enforcement over the last ten years or so (perhaps farther back than that) we have God knows how many millions of illegal immigrants here in the United States; and they are not without organization. There are many groups who stand up for their “rights” — even though common sense will tell you that they have no rights under our constitution — and these advocates of the illegals dream of having them cast votes for the candidates who support their causes. With a government-issued photo-ID as a requirement to vote, their dreams will not be easily realized.

Let me be clear, I’m not claiming that the case going before the Supreme Court is directly related to anything other than the poor and the elderly; but I am emphasizing that we are in a situation, created by our own government, where a “win” for the poor and the elderly (unless it is a tightly structured win) will also be a win for those crooked politicians and eager political workers who want to,effectively, steal the votes of legal voters. I can only hope that the justices will at least consider the impact they can have on the age-old problem of voter fraud when they render their decision.

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