‘Loki’ in the White House


LokiWhat the Hell is happening to the Republican Party, the party that formerly supported “fundamental freedoms” like a free market, personal freedom and freedom of the press?

That’s a rhetorical question! We all know what happened. Loki, disguised as a black Chicagoan, stepped out of Norse mythology to “trick” and lie his way into the U.S. presidency in 2008. Republican’s panicked and employed their normal tactics as they would against a normal man, not understanding that Loki is a god, a “trickster god who survives by being “malevolent, cunning, magical, and, above all else, eloquent.”

Then, in 2012, when Loki was again elected into the office of U. S. President by his minions, Republicans lost it all together. Now they are ready to deny the things that made them great to get rid of this evil presence. That’s completely understandable, they understand that you have to fight fire with fire. Let’s give up, for instance, trying to make arguments that convince the American public that Republicans are right by trying to gag the media, who consistently tells the public that Republicans are wrong. Lets boycott the media that supports and lies for President Loki and deny their reporters the chance to question and misrepresent everything Republican say in the future Republican debates. That’s the Ticket! Or is it?

I guess that the Republican’s have given up traveling the honorable path because Loki is continually outsmarting them by planting false ‘Detour’ signs and they assume that the American public is so gullible that they can see neither the true path or the true presence in the White House.

If they study their Norse mythology they will find out that when the mythological Loki overstepped the bounds of decency by causing the death of a truly good man, he was bound to a jagged cliff until world’s end. Once again, Loki’s incarnation is in the process of overstepping his bounds — in too many ways to count.

Republicans should not give up because Loki can be defeated by a good man who is seen by the masses as a fair man, an optimist and a truth teller, one who they believe can rescue our country from it’s downward spiral and once again assign Loki to a place where he will not be a bother; someplace like a presidential estate in the middle of a sugar cane field in the Hawaiian Islands.

The only problem with this happy scenario is the fact that right now most Republicans are so mired down in Social Conservatism that only a few of them can see the greatness of the past and the lies of their current path.