It’s America In 2013, Not 1963!


MLKThere’s lots of talk at about this time every year of racism because this is the time every year when every media organization, every black organization (NAACP, Urban League, CORE, the Congressional Black Caucus. etc., etc.) and every Liberal agitator in and out of the public spotlight drags out a copy of Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech.

Martin Luther King was indeed a great leader for black Americans and was a brilliant orator who stated the problem eloquently. The problem is, that is a 50 year old speech that addresses a different problem than the black community has today.

Today, yes there is still racism, but the great percentage of racism is harbored by the black community because the general perception of American white racism is dated and inaccurate and is promoted by race baiters, like those in the black organizations who are supposed to help the black community of Americans “move forward” and improve their situation. Regurgitating an aging speech every year that talks about the trials and tribulations of black Americans in the year 1963 is not only unproductive but it is counter productive and it ignites the fear and hatred that fuels more racism. Listening to your community leaders who speak of those 1963 problems without emphasizing how far America has come from those days will poison your soul and keep you “down”. Is that what many black “public figures” want? Do they want to keep the black community “down” so they can keep themselves in the public spotlight as crusaders against a racism that long ago diminished to the point of ineffectiveness?

Martin Luther King was dreaming of freedom and opportunity and that dream has been realized. If black Americans in 2013 do not feel free it is because they are being encouraged to believe that 2013 is just a carbon copy of 1963 and nothing can be farther from the truth. There are abundant opportunities for every young black American to get a superior education . . . if they prepare themselves for higher education . . . and get a great job . . . if they complete their education. Unfortunately, preparing yourself to succeed when the black leaders you look up to are telling you that you are oppressed is a daunting task.

Young black American needs to stop listening to the depressing pessimism that is promoted by those people who make their living by keeping up the lie of rampant racism. Every young black American needs to realize that the reason black unemployment is twice that of white unemployment is NOT white racism, the reason is lack of education and the reason for that lack of education is, in most cases, a lack of motivation. The more that black leaders promote a feeling of hopelessness in the black community the more school-aged children will pick up on that. Consciously or unconsciously they will ask themselves: “What’s the point of studying hard if I’ll never be given an opportunity to succeed?”

Yes there are and there always will be racists because there will always be stupid, backward looking people who see another person’s color and see stereotypes rather than seeing them as individuals.

The good news:

The laws and the attitudes in 2013 are very far different than they were in 1963.

There are far, far fewer of those ignorant racists in business, politics and industry than there were in 1963.

The high school/college dropout rate for both whites and blacks is lower than it has ever been.

The ultimate proofs that this is no longer a white-racist society are our twice-elected black president and the fact that some of the richest people in America are black.

As MLK himself said: “You have to keep moving forward” if he had envisioned the stumbling blocks placed in the path of black Americans by their leaders, he might have added that ‘you must remain optimistic.’


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Time for Optimism: Root For Obama


Talk shows are continually pounding on Barack Obama’s lack of judgement because of his previous associations with Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and a host of others who have terroristic or sketchy backgrounds. Ayers was brought on Good Morning America this past week and questioned about his associations with Obama and about his feelings toward the past acts of the Weather Underground. This past Friday, The “Ladies of the Factor” were substituting for Bill O’Reilly on his “Radio Factor” show and they spend a full hour discussing Bill Ayres’ and Barack O’Bama’s relationship. Callers to other radio talk shows won’t give it up either — insisting that Barack Obama lacks the judgement to be President of the United States, may not even be a citizen of the United States and will run this country into the ground.

Why can’t these idiots understand that not only is it too late for these kind of accusations and this kind of examination of Barack Obama’s qualifications but its counter productive. Barack Hussein Obama, for all intents and purposes, IS the 44th President of the United States. What we should be concentrating on now, is what he is saying now and what he is doing now.

No matter who you voted for or wished for or voted against, its time to get together and actually root for Obama, hope he makes the right decisions, hope that he picks a cabinet that will help him make those decisions, make positive suggestions about the directions that our country should move in and maintain optimism that we, as a nation, will will not only survive our economic, social, political and international problems but be made stronger because of them.

As little as I care about what foreign governments think of us, it only makes sense not to give them ammunition to use against us. If China, Russia, Iran and all the other countries with failed or failing political systems see us uniting around our new president and, yes, “rooting him on” they are less likely throw those “tests” at us — those tests that VP-elect Biden correctly warned us about. On that subject let me say that, by giving the American public those warnings, Joe Biden stood up and did a very brave thing — the right thing — and he was probably privately scolded for doing it. That one act makes it a lot easier for me to accept Joe Biden as the next Vice President of the United States.

After January 20th, Barack Obama will no doubt do things and say things that we will not like! Every president has opposition to every move he makes and we should not hesitate to oppose him if we feel he is wrong — but we must constitute a loyal opposition not a destructive one. Oppose him yes but don’t demonize him. If we attempt to destroy the President of the United States we make our country weaker and take a chance on destroying the United States itself.

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