OMG! There’s a drag queen in the girl’s locker room!


This article, “A transgender teen used the girls’ locker room. Now her community is up in arms.” from the “Washington Post” is one of many articles out there today talking about Lila Davis.

Lila is NOT, as the name might suggest, a girl. He’s a 17 y/o boy who wants to be a girl, who wants to dress up in a wig, falsies and a party dress, who wants to feel pretty, who feels he was born in the wrong body and, almost laughably, wants everyone to ignore the fact, as he strolls through the girl’s locker room naked, that he has a penis.

No, poor Lila Davis isn’t at all what he appears to be, at least not while he’s dressed up in his girl clothes.

Someone needs to let Lila know that he may feel like a girl, he may think he’s a girl and he may have tricked the school into thinking he is transgendered; but playing dress-up doesn’t make him a girl, it doesn’t make him transgendered either; it makes him a “drag queen.” Yet every article you find will refer to him as “her” and will call him “transgendered.”

My guess is that Lila is gay and effeminate and he uses the female “act” so he doesn’t have to admit to himself that he is gay and effeminate.

That of course is just a theory, he may, in fact, be getting ready to audition for the next season of “The Fosters.”

Miraculously, even in Missouri, at the edge of the Bible-Belt, where 90% of the people have a very dim view of any sex that isn’t performed in the missionary position or outside of the marriage bed, gay men and women are gradually being accepted into the society. It may take another 50 years, however, for drag queens to be accepted by more than just a few households.