Progressives, is this what you call “Progress”?


When watching, hearing or reading the news, the things that make me feel good are usually the things that drive Liberal-Progressive Democrats nuts.

Liberals recently have been calling themselves, for some logic defying reason, “Progressives.” Interestingly, since they began calling themselves Progressives they seem to have lost most elections, on state and local levels, have focused on maintaining the status quo rather then finding and fixing what’s wrong with our country and have rejected almost anything and everything proposed, not only by Conservative thinkers but by ‘plain vanilla’ Republicans. Hello Progressives, is that what you call “progress”?

Some of you might be beginning to realize that the mainstream of America has not joined your ‘parade’. The mainstream of America seems to feel that: living in this country is a privilege earned by those who were born here and by those who entered the country legally; that the country has run very well and efficiently with bathrooms and locker rooms labeled and designated for males and females and that if a male or female wants to change his or her sex (or locker room) it takes more than a desire or a belief, it takes a series of operations and a lot of pain as price of admission; that almost anyone can find work if they seriously want work; yes that may, in most cases, mean a drastic change of lifestyle and an acceptance of personal responsibility, but that’s what it takes if you want to live with dignity as a free person in a free country; that if you want a better life for your children you had better start now by encouraging them to work hard, respect the law, respect the rights of others and never pass up an opportunity to enhance their skill and knowledge.

Not to gloss over “personal responsibility”, it is the key to a civilized, fair and productive society.

I know that the Hillary Clinton loss in the last presidential election was a terrible blow to the hopes and dreams of Democrats, Liberals and Progressives but that really doesn’t excuse your rebellion against the legitimate presidency of Donald Trump. As much as you may want to deny it, he IS the duly elected President of the United States, a majority of the people in the majority of county’s across the United States selected him over Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders). That, by the way, is how we do it in the United States and how we have always done it since the beginning. We are NOT a pure democracy, we are a Representative Republic ruled by the states. Under Obama we moved away from that position but under Trump, with or without your obstructionist tactics and mindless hate, we will continue to try and reduce the power and scope of the Federal Government and return the decision making to the people.


Go Donald GO!


We finally have a presidential candidate who understands what the United States is becoming under the Obama administration and under Liberals in both parties and he’s declared war on the establishment!

The establishment that is allowing our country to be invaded by foreigners who ignore our immigration laws because they know that our leaders are soft and our president has no respect for our country, its laws, our borders or our national sovereignty. They know that our leaders are more interested in gaining the love and praise of the Liberal media than they are in maintaining the security and stability of our country’s borders.

The establishment that has our military nuetered and declawed for fear of making our enemies feel like endangered species; the endangered species they should be in a civilized world and the endangered species they will become if the American public has the intestinal fortitude to elect a president in 2016 who says “enough is enough” — a president like Donald Trump.

Yes, Trump has stepped on some toes and angered many candidates, but anger from Liberals and from Conservatives who are more Liberal than they are Conservative is to be expected when you speak the plain unvarnished truth as Trump is doing.

On John McCain: Trump was too brash and frankly wrong when he spoke out against John McCain, who certainly WAS a hero as is every other soldier who puts on a uniform and risks his or her life by fighting America’s enemies. That was not the John McCain Trump should have been going after; the John McCain, who, as a Senator and the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has NOT raised enough holy Hell about the treatment of our veterans to get the system changed is the McCain who deserves his and our wrath. The McCain who in his fifth term as Senator is so enmeshed in the Washington bureaucracy, he has become impotent.

America, now in its darkest hours because of a president who is far more anti-American than he is patriotic, needs a man like Donald Trump. Trump is not part of the Washington establishment and he speaks his mind — and, if you’ve been listening, you’ll realize that almost all of what he is saying not only makes sense, but it is a way to save our country after the last decade of its decay.