The Folly of Birthright Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants


The Citizenship Clause is the first sentence of Section 1 in the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states that:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

This Amendment was created for the sole purpose of insuring that the children of slaves would be considered citizens and given the rights and privileges due to all U.S. Citizens.

Jacob Merritt Howard (1805 – 1871) was a U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from the state of Michigan during and after the American Civil War. Senator Howard was also the author of the 14th Amendment Citizenship Clause. In his writings, he was very clear about  who would fall within the “jurisdiction of the United States. Here is what he wrote:

“Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law a citizen of the United States this will NOT, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, those who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States but will include every other class of persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States. This has long been a great issue in the legislation and jurisprudence of this country.”

This is from the guy who actually drafted the Citizenship clause of the 14th amendment. Is there any doubt about what the clause is saying? Only in the minds of those who refuse to acknowledge the history of the 14th Amendment and those who refuse to apply common sense to the reality of illegal immigration and birthright citizenship.

Birthright citizenship has been misapplied to hundreds of thousands of children who just happened to be in the United States when they were born, the children of illegal immigrants who heard there was an easy way to get into the United States without bothering with paperwork, learning anything about American history, American Law or all the other things that the people who do things the right way and who want to become Americans, not just foreign residents,  have to do.

Apply some common sense to the situation! How ludicrous is it that anyone really believes that coming to America and birthing a baby while here would actually/magically make that baby an American. It is ludicrous, but yet the majority of politicians, judges and immigrants believe it and they actually started practicing and legalizing this fictitious birthing ritual.

If you are pregnant, try it yourself. Wait until the date the baby is due and then go to a foreign country (if you’re on a budget just go North to Canada or South to Mexico) have your baby at an airport or bus terminal and try to claim that the baby is now a citizen of that country and you and the baby can stay in the country with no contest from the country’s legal system. You can be sure, if you don’t wind up in a prison cell, you will be on a bus, plane or train on your way back to the United States as soon as the country’s immigration officials can get you there.

Canada, in fact did, once upon a time, practice the same fictitious birthing ritual that the United States is now practicing. They allowed any baby born in country to become a citizen. Thousands of Orientals took advantage of their serendipitous interpretation of birthright citizenship until it got so bad the Canadian government had to finally end that practice. They were left with thousands of new oriental citizens but it ended right there. ‘Bout time we did the same.

My source and inspiration for this fact filled journey through birthright citizenship is “The Great One”, researcher, Constitutional lawyer and Constitutional expert Dr. Mark Levin. (and in case you didn’t know, he also has a daily, National radio show.

You’ll find many Mark Levin videos on Youtube and his many books in bookstores or your local library.

Now if you think Donald Trump (who by the way is right about the “Anchor Baby” situation) is a bit too caustic most of the time, you’ll find that Mark Levin is even moreso. If that’s not enough for you, check out Michael Savage on Youtube (in bookstores, libraries and on the radio) he also has common sense and understands what a ridiculous lark it is to endow citizenship on the babys of Illegals.

Levin, Savage and Trump are all right on this issue and Trump is the ONLY presidential candidate with enough commonsense and guts to say it out loud.


Handling Our Border Crisis — The Obama Way


President Obama wants to spend 3.7 Billion taxpayer dollars in an effort that “he HOPES” will help resolve the mess he helped create at our southern border. He wants to handle illegal immigration on a case by case basis through a new and improved legal system (hmmm, something wrong with that — perhaps the name should be changed to the “Illegal System”) and build nicer detention centers to keep the illegals ‘comfy’ while they wait for the ‘wheels of justice to get up to speed. I would bet that the first deportation hearing will not begin for six months to a year while the Washington “genius'” are re-creating current immigration laws to make them kinder and gentler. (You know that’s going to happen don’t you?) All this time we are feeding and caring for them and you can bet that every judge that is appointed to hear these cases will be a push-over for “doe-eyed” children and adults with particularly poignant “sob stories”.

I say we should deport every illegal we can find! They are not here because we invited them, they are not here because they can contribute to the economy or welfare of the country! We have a U.S. Embassy in virtually every major city in the world! That’s why THEY are there; to handle applications for asylum in the U.S. as well as applications for legal entry into the United States. If our embassy’s are incapable of doing that, lets “beef THEM up” before more refugees and asylum seekers get to our borders.

The answer to the unasked question ‘why are deportation hearings necessary?’ eludes me. Only American Citizens or those holding valid visas should logically be granted any legal rights or be entitled to due process under our laws and under our Constitution. If you are not wanted in a person’s house, you have no legal rights to be there and the owner of the house has every legal right to eject you. Don’t you think that that principle of ‘private property’ should apply to our borders? If not then we are no longer a sovereign country.

But our president has vowed that if we don’t do it HIS way he will ‘do it himself.’ Now THAT I believe, or that he will at least try.

If there is any way to stop our government from going into a 2-month recess, now is the time to pull it out of a hat. While the cats are away, the rat will play. Leaving Obama alone, virtually in control of the government and in control of America’s future is like leaving your twin six-year olds alone in you home for a weekend. They will break everything.

Oh yes, the president says he wants to beef up our border security and he wants to speed deportations — but only a fool would believe that. He owns the Justice Department who are the people who will be controlling this grand scheme and if you look at the last 6 years of the Obama administration you will notice that he does not like the thought of a strong United States. He has continually tried to turn our once powerful, influential, militarily dominant United States into his fantasy version of a third-world country that is ripe for the picking of our enemies. He has continually tried to subvert our Constitution and now he is attempting to virtually eliminate our sovereignty.

The Politics of America’s Destruction


According to a Christian Science Monitor article published today, the Supreme Court, rather than acting on an important issue,
is once again refusing to hear or rule on it. In this case, two lower court cases dealing with illegal immigration were put
before the court this past week and the court is, to use an appropriate football term, “punting” rather than addressing the

In these cases: one city (Farmers Branch, TX) had an ordinance that forced apartment complex owners/managers to refuse to rent
apartments to applicants who cannot prove they are here legally; that law was struck down by a lower court. In the city of
Hazelton, PA, a law forced employers to require all prospective employees to prove that they were legally able to work in the
U.S., a different lower court struck that law down.

In both cases, the arguments against these laws were based on theory that “federal immigration statutes and national policies
set by the Obama administration, preempted these laws.” It is apparent that in the “wise” eyes of the Supreme Court current
administration policies also “preempt” the Constitution.

To me, in plain English, the Supreme Court is clearly asserting that foreigners who are here illegally have the same rights under the
U.S. Constitution as those who born U.S. Citizens or who have been naturalized. This is wrong on so many levels! Not only
logically and morally but Constitutionally wrong — that is, if we had a Supreme Court that REALLY cared about the
Constitution or the people it was drafted to protect.

We’ve all seen it and we allowed it: Nationalism: “The feeling that people have of being loyal to and proud of their country
often with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries,” (Merriam Webster) is now looked on with
disdain by most politicians, many of societies “elites” and, obviously, the majority of Supreme Court Justices. It seem that
many of us no longer WANT to be the richest and most powerful nation on earth because they have been taught that being rich and
powerful and using those riches and that power (even if they are used to do good) is somehow shameful!

Back to topic: One would think that Supreme Court Justices should be able to understand the word illegal (as in illegal
immigrants) but no! Our spineless Supreme Court justices prefer to “punt the ball down-field” rather than making the hard
decisions; as if it’s hard to understand that illegal immigrants have NO LEGAL RIGHTS under our Constitution, no right to even
be in this country, much less any right to take American jobs and housing away from Americans or to avail themselves of things
like food stamps or other form of welfare that American citizens have to stand in line for.

I guess I’m just too ignorant to understand our country’s position on illegal immigration — at least as it is now.

I’m not a heartless person! I have compassion in my heart for many things such as American veterans who have to fight tooth
and nail for benefits that should not even be questioned; such as American children who go to bed hungry at night or who are
being raised in crime-ridden neighborhoods, some without the benefit of a father or even a decent role model, or those who
have been orphaned by the rampant crime in poorer neighborhoods. I have compassion in my heart for American families who are
borderline homeless and existing on food stamps because of the Federal Government’s incompetence, indecision and over-
regulation of American business. And yes, I also have compassion in my heart for people who have to live in countries where
government corruption makes it nearly impossible to survive with dignity and where American foreign aid goes into the pockets
of cheats and tyrants; but I simply cannot find compassion for those who sneak into the United States illegally to ‘steal’ our jobs and
our tax money and demand one of the most precious commodities in the world, American citizenship, at a time when millions of
American citizens are either unemployed, under-employed or jobless because they have given up looking for work.

Somehow this cycle of madness and cowardice, this era of “America Last” has to stop and it CAN stop with the next Presidential

True, most of the insane policies of Obama may begin to die in January of 2017 but unless ‘WE the People’ elect a president who is
proud to be a strong, freedom loving American, who wants to free the citizens from government dependency and who understands
that soft Liberal politics are the politics of National Destruction, we may have many years of misery ahead of us.

Immigration Reform: My Thoughts


I tend to obey the law and would greatly prefer it if everyone else did the same. Oh well; I can dream!

On the topic of Immigration Reform, a topic that (along with gun control) is dominating the talk on Capital Hill today I have very few thoughts that I have not expressed before in this blog. Unlike our Senators, Congressmen and all the members of the Executive Branch, I’m not out looking for votes among the legal immigrant population so I have the ability to speak freely.

While I would actually prefer that the U.S. rid itself of every illegal immigrant within it’s borders, I realize that is something that cannot happen. Why? Finding and deporting every illegal here would be a logistical nightmare and would probably be no less expensive than allowing them to stay.

Self Deportation is the Answer

I understand why, when the subject of “self deportation” came up in the last election it was ridiculed; it sounds “mean-spirited. Be that as it may, self deportation is not difficult, costs us little and will solve several a large problems for the US and it’s citizens: If we don’t allow anyone who is not in our country legally to become employed or to benefit from any form of public assistance (i.e, if we obey our own current laws) most illegals will leave rather than put up with the hardship and the certain knowledge that the hardship will continue. It may sound cruel to some but let’s remember that the definition of “illegal” has not changed since the first dictionary was published.

Alas! Reality sets in: There need not be exceptions to this self-deportation concept but, this is the U.S. and we as a people have become very soft-headed and warm hearted so there will be exceptions, up to and including the complete elimination of the concept of “self deportation.”

A compromise will be reached in Washington, probably this week, and far-left Liberals like Harry Reed have already “guaranteed” that it will be passed . . . without, of course, knowing any details. Typical! They did the same thing with the “ObamaCare” legislation.

Whatever it is that passes for Immigration Reform in the end will not be completely beneficial for the country — but it will be beneficial for certain political aspirations. In the end, however, it will make the situation for “we the people” worse. It will be a signal to others who want to come here that not only New Orleans but the entire U.S. can rightly be called the “Big Easy.” We will also be telling the world’s leaders (if any have not realized it already) that we are so weak and our politicians are so incompetent (and corrupt) that: we cannot make the hard decisions and that we will always seek compromise rather than just “man up” and do the right thing. That is a very dangerous thing to tell the leadership in certain countries.

It may not seem like the “right thing” to some (or maybe most) people but if we refuse to enforce our immigration laws we ourselves become lawbreakers; if we refuse to control our borders we lose our country to whoever wants to come in; if we refuse to protect our own citizens even from this controllable kind of ‘foreign invasion,’ we, as a country, lose our right to be called a sovereign nation.


Fox News: Talks over immigration reform, guest worker program ramp up in Washington

Center for Immigration Studies: Costs of Immigration

Washington Post: Reid: Senate will pass immigration reform

Border Security — Half the Battle


stopping the land grab

It took the brave, rebellious attitudes of one State governor and her state legislators to stare down the Washington Establishment and finally get them to stop dragging their feet on border security.

According to an Associated Press article on MSNBC’s website: on On August 1st, 1200 National Guard troops will be deployed to the US/Mexico border along with additional air support and new technologies. 524 Guardsmen will be deployed to patrol the Arizona border, 250 will go to Texas, 224 to California and the New Mexico border will get 72 guardsmen. Additionally 130 troops will be assigned to a “national liaison office” that we can assume will support any trouble spots by providing temporary additional troops.

The new air support will consist of six new aircraft and additionally, the Border Patrol will set up a facility in Tucson with 300 border patrol agents who have access to special vehicles and equipment that will assist the effort.

Too little, too late? Perhaps; but it’s something more than we have now.

And what of the other part of the illegal immigration problem; the 8 million illegal immigrants who are now employed in the United States while more than that number of legal citizens are unemployed? Is that an issue that the Obama administration is likely to address next?

Don’t hold your breath!