Huckabee in La-La-Land


Mike Huckabee has threatened to “Leave the Republican Party” if the GOP does not actively, openly and loudly oppose gay marriage.

It wouldn’t be a big loss for the GOP if Huckabee leaves and takes his few thousand homophobic followers with him. In fact it would be a plus for the GOP to be rid of someone who is so blind to America’s problems that he is willing to desert the party that is America’s best hope over a non-issue like Gay Marriage.

Hey Mike, how about pushing the GOP to take meaningful positions on stuff like the threat of radical Islam, American terrorists, the potential Ebola crisis, the disgraceful National debt, America’s ever weakening military might, the growing distrust of our allies (if we have any left after 6 years of Obama), the government’s rejection of the Free Market (the very system that once made us the most powerful nation on earth), the massive influx of illegal aliens that is being ignored by this administration when it is not being encouraged by this administration, or the government’s refusal to take advantage of our natural oil and gas resources to free us from dependence on foreign energy, Or maybe you could urge the GOP to do something simpler like getting Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi freed from the Ciudad, Mexico jail where he’s been rotting away for the past four months for no real reason.

No Mike, gay marriage will not destroy America but people like you will unless you get your heads out of the sand and focus on real problems.

The social issues and religious mandates you push don’t belong on any national agenda. All the Christian values like worship, respect, humility, honesty, morality, generosity, forgiveness, and all the other Christ-like virtues are absolutely wonderful for personal and spiritual growth and personal relationships but our country is dealing with brutal enemies, deadly disease and poor leadership; things that we can’t pray away. You are a politician, you should know better.


It’s Time to Start “Bullying” the B.S.A.


Times change! Meanings of word also change but how the B.S.A. can call itself a “Christian” organization by teaching intolerance and exclusion is well beyond my understanding.

Ryan Andresen (pictured above) was a good boy scout for about 10 years! Ryan had his heart set on becoming an Eagle Scout and worked tirelessly to accumulate all the necessary badges and complete all the required projects; he had only one problem! When he got into high school he realized that he was gay — he was still a good citizen and still a good scout, still a good person and still the same Ryan Andresen as the one who had been in scouting for all those years, but he was suddenly a pariah!

When the Boy Scouts of America (B.S.A.) learned of Ryan’s sexual orientation, he was allowed (for some reason) to remain a scout and stranger yet, allowed to continue working toward his goal of Eagle Scout but then, after completing all the qualifications, he was denied the Eagle Scout rank based solely on his sexual orientation.

The B.S.A. organization, apparently ‘proudly,’ teaches their scouts that homosexuality is valid grounds for the effective expulsion from descent society and a valid reason to ignore any good a person has done.

In Ryan’s case the leadership turned their back while the “good” scouts, i.e., the ones who were not gay, harassed Ryan, called him names and even, at one point, held him down and wrote the word “FAG” on his chest. These, the supposed ‘children of God,’ rejected and humiliated a fellow scout based on who he was — not on the basis of bad, indecent or criminal behavior — just solely on who he was.

We all realize that the B.S.A. is a private organization and, as the Supreme Court has decided, they do not HAVE to accept gay members or leaders but what they are doing is worse than not accepting gays into their membership — they are teaching the children they do allow into their organization to be bigoted and homophobic. Just based on those teachings THEY, the B.S.A. organization, should be the pariahs of society and every descent citizen should loudly protest their policies.

Parents who allows their children to be infected by the homophobic policies of the B.S.A. need to be made aware of the harm that they are doing to their children’s growth as responsible citizens.

As descent American citizens we should all reject any organization, private or public, that discriminates based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. That rejection should be very public and very loud. Discrimination is not, or at least should not be, what America is about. As Christians, you should seriously reevaluate your definition of Christianity.