Go with Your Gut!


There is so much going on ‘behind the scenes’ in Washington politics; so many accusations, so much gossip, so many media outlets (on the Right as well as on the Left) spinning your news so that it fits their editorial point of view — you are probably bewildered! ‘What can I believe?’ is the question of the day — every day!

What I see is two ideologies clashing and each one pushing their own narrative (which is, in the end, a mix of truth, lies, and wishful thinking) that will support their own version of ‘the truth’. I’m determined to ignore all of this “noise” and trying to focus on what ‘I believe in my gut to be the truth and the way through this obfuscation overload.

– I know that I’m a person who loves the concept of America as a strong, independent, sovereign, and wealthy nation.

– I know, in my gut, that President Trump honestly wants what I want: for America to be strong, independent and safe for American citizens of all races, ethnicities, religions, occupations, and viewpoints who support those goals.

– I know that President Trump is attempting to move America in what he sees (and I see) as the right direction and he’s doing it against an incredible amount of pushback by those who have chosen to see him as the enemy; I can’t help but believe that these opponents of a safer, stronger America would be willing to throw America into the ‘trash heap of time’ to further their own personal positions, beliefs, and aspirations.

It’s obvious that President Trump has made some missteps but don’t think for a minute that his message has changed or his determination has wavered.

I sincerely, for the good of our Republic, want President Trump and America to succeed and, as a result, I can’t possibly wish anything but bad things and failure for those who don’t share our vision for a strong, independent, sovereign, and wealthy America. I’m sure that sounds incredibly selfish to some but if you really believe in what you believe you can’t allow the opinions of critics or naysayers to throw you off course.

I know it’s a lot to ask of you to join me in ignoring the daily deluge of negativity from the media and the opposition, but I’m asking. Each of us has to firmly believe in what WE believe to be true, just, and right.

I do, and I’m not deserting President Trump!


Is President Trump too “Thin-Skinned”


Most people would probably say ‘Yes!’ he whines too much about the media — but given a second thought it’s hard to blame  him.


How would you, ‘Joe or Jane Citizen’, feel if your local newspaper started a campaign of half-truths, distortions, and innuendos just short of outright lies in an attempt to destroy your image and your credibility, and taint your family’s or businesses’ name. I don’t know about you Jane and Joe but I would be mad as Hell and tell everyone I could that the local news was filled with “lies”.

In his speech to CPAC this week, Trump hit the nail right on the head when he complained about anonymous sources as the basis for most of the reporting from media organizations such as CNN, the Washington Post and the font of all the anti-Trump rhetoric “fit to print”, the New York Times. Trump’s response to this situation was “tell me to my face” (not through some questionable anonymous source).

I’m well aware that anonymous sources are traditionally considered “needed” in the news reporting business but, freedom of the press aside, there should be some control over the ‘leaked’ information when it is used as a bludgeon against an individual. Just as the accused has the right to confront his or her accuser in a court of law, the same or a very close standard should be in place in the ‘Court of Public Opinion.”

An unfounded rumor can ruin any American’s family life, business, and finances.


Returning America to Safety, Strength and the Rule of Law Under the Constitution


It appears that there are many millions of people in the United States who want this country to have: no sovereignty, no borders, no rule of law, and most importantly, no protections against radical Islam. These same people appear to be completely oblivious to the epidemic of terrorism being perpetrated by radical elements of the Islamic religion and deaf to the many cries that emanate from the Arab world, for: “death to America”, “death to the Great Satan” (that’s us too), and “death to ALL “infidels”, i.e., those who do not live for and die for Islam . If not oblivious to these direct threats, these millions of Americans are, for some reason, choosing to ignore them.

No! Not all Muslims are terrorists but the vast majority of active terrorists are either Muslim or otherwise sympathetic to Islam’s terrible goals. A favorite tactic for Islamic terrorists is to hide among the population; that was what President Trump was trying to prevent with his Executive Order temporarily halting immigration from seven of the Arab nations long known as terrorist hotbeds. Unfortunately, the Executive order was not thought out thoroughly enough and it created some problems for people who should not have been affected by the temporary halt but that was not the main problem. The main problem was a Liberal Federal Judge (U.S. District Court Judge James Robart of Seattle) who did not (and still does not) understand that the function of a Federal Judge is to rule on Constitutional law and not on his personal feelings or sympathies.

The U.S. Constitution gives the President of the United States plenary powers over immigration to the United States.

An Irrelevant War of Words

Richard Stengel, who served as an undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs under President Obama explained in a New York Times op-ed* that:
“no one in the Obama Administration could or would have used ‘radical Islam’ to identify terror attacks perpetrated by Muslim extremists. They have instead used a much less offensive term ‘violent extremism’”. He went on to explain: “To defeat radical Islamic extremism, we needed our Islamic allies: the Jordanians, the Emiratis, the Egyptians, and the Saudis; and they believed that term unfairly vilified a whole religion.”

During that dreadful period of our history known as the Obama administration, it consistently appeared to many Americans that Muslims were his chosen people. This is understandable when you consider that Obama was born and raised in the Muslim religion. In his heart at least, Obama will probably always be a Muslim. Offending Muslims would have been akin to sticking a fork in his own eye. In the worst cases of Islamic Terror Obama would, of course, for appearance sake, speak out against the evil but he would never identify its root as the Quran or the words of “the Prophet Muhammed” contained in that Muslim Holy Book.

Let’s get past this fascinatingly irrelevant debate over what to call ‘animals’ that kill in the name of their religion; the answer is clear. There may not be a sentient being left in the civilized world who can not identify the source of this insane slaughter. What to call them? If someone wants to kill you and steal your country, their title is “The Enemy.” Simply that: and an enemy regardless of origin or motivations must be dispatched if you want to survive!

A ‘Great’ New Era

Fortunately, it’s a different world now. Now we have a president whose only national allegiance is to the United States and whose term in office will be dedicated to returning America to safety, strength and the rule of law under the Constitution. Those who refused to see the damage that Obama was doing to our country and it’s Constitution are, of course, fighting every move President Trump is making to achieve his objective of a “Great Again” America; they have caused damage but they can not and must not prevail.

The question remains: what can be done about those who want nothing to change from the Obama years? We can pity them and try to educate them or, if we choose, we can just ignore them until they see the error of their ways. Fighting them, however, is probably the best option. NOT with lies or violence in the streets, those are failed Progressive tactics. We need to attack every lie and faked news story with the truth. We need to blog, Facebook and Tweet so the continually pathetic supporters of the Left and to the ‘mainstream media’ to let them know that we are not backing down, are not backing away from the truth and are not giving any credence to their lies and distortions. Especially the media! We must, every day, put the media on notice that it is NO LONGER in the “Mainstream; it’s a nearly-extinct species being replaced by an increasingly informed, aware American public.”


* https://newsline.com/obama-administration-never-used-term-radical-islam-explained/

Lewis and Sharpton: The Politics of Race



John David Wells of the Dallas-based “Wells Report” hit the nail on the head on Monday Night when he said that Congressman John Lewis has now ‘become what he hates the most, a racial bigot.”

Lewis flat out lied when he said that Trump’s inauguration will be the first one he will not be attending; he also refused to attend George W. Bush’s inauguration; coincidently (NOT) George Bush the last white president was also, according to Lewis, an “illegitimate” president.

Lewis is lost in the past. When he last testified in Congress (against Trump nominee Senator Jeff Sessions [another ‘evil’ white man no doubt) Lewis gave a long diatribe recounting all the wrongs done against black people by white people and then attributing all those wrongs to Senator Sessions because Lewis believes he’s still living in the 50’s and 60’s. Lost in the past indeed.

Al Sharpton, Lewis’ fellow time-traveller to the bad old days, is coincidently (again NOT) also calling Trump an illegitimate president. If anything, Sharpton is an even “better” racist than Lewis, he’s more shrill, better known, filled with hate for long since dead ‘white’ people and, like Lewis, actively transferring that hate to upstanding Americans who don’t happen to be black and believe in equality, not in favoritism.


photo credit: gerard_flynn <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/77636910@N05/14846735040″>Rev. Al Sharpton Leads March, Rally Over Eric Garner’s Death On Staten Island</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;

The Law Cannot Keep You Safe from Harm . . . Only You Can Do That


In light of what happened in Chicago recently, it is important to understand that, for the most part, in spite of what some claim, our crimiinal laws, even when coupled with Hate Crime Legislation, do NOT shield any of us from harm!

How could they possibly do that?

If someone physically attacks you, criminal laws provide for the attacker’s apprehension and punishment and may later provide you some measure of financial compensation for pain and suffering but the attack happened, it is now a fact of your life and there is no Constitutional or even moral way the law could have prevented that. Criminal law is actually less effective than a home security system or some kind of personal security device that notifies emergency services at the push of a button.

Adding “Hate Crime Legislation” to that criminal law does not add another layer of protection for a member of a “protected class” of people. Hate Crime Legislation does, however, add some disincentives for the criminal. If it can be discerned that the crime was created against a member of a “protected class”, solely due to the victim’s race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity, the punishment for the perpetrator is more severe. If on the other hand, the crime was committed because of an animus for that particular individual, even if he or she belongs to a protected class, it is not necessarily a hate crime.

The overall point of this post is to make sure that the reader understands that most criminal laws do not shield you from harm, they simply provide you the satisfaction of seeing that your attacker will be punished and they will possibly provide some financial aid to you, the victim.

If you want to be safe from criminals you really have to do it yourself!

* Obtain and use those home or personal security devices.

* If you are able-bodied enough, invest in some self defense training.

* Obtain a weapon and, most importantly, learn the rules for using it. If you don’t know when and where you can legally defend yourself you might wind up with serious legal problems.

There are plenty of laws ‘on the books’ that protect and/or punish the criminal and, to be fair, plenty of laws that benefit victims, but protecting yourself from a crime is pretty much up to you.

The Muslim Question


A Washington Post opinion piece: “Donald Trump’s sharp contrast from Obama and Bush on Islam has serious implications” written by William McCants, currently appears on the Washington Post website under the subheading: “Acts of Faith.”

This article correctly points out that the essential moral rules of Islam, as proclaimed in the Sharia, are closely and literally followed by some Muslims and, are treated less seriously, more as guidelines rather than commandments, by most other Muslims. This is not news! I think that, by now, most intelligent non-Muslim Amerians understand that not every Muslim is a radical jihadist. We work with Muslims, socialize with Muslims and welcome Muslims to hold important roles in our lives based on their character and behavior, not based on their religion.

The primary point of this article however, implies that proposals such as President-elect Trump’s extreme vetting are not only unnecessary but will lead to more jihadist recruitment. In other words, the implication is: ‘if you fight it, it will only grow larger, so don’t fight it.’ These are not exactly words to live by!

We have, since 9/11/2001, allowed approx. 2 million virtually unvetted Muslims to immigrate to or visit the United States on visas and that has resulted in approximately 50 terrorist acts that are directly credited to radical Islamic teachings, resulting in many hundreds of innocent lives lost (not even counting the thousands lost on 9/11/2001 itself).

Those who oppose Donald Trump have used his positions on border security and on immigration from the Arab world as reasons to label him a ‘racist, an islamophobe, a bigot and even a monster; for the safety of all American citizens, these people and their labels must be ignored! Donald Trump and the people he is naming to his cabinet are dedicated to protecting American citizens from enormous and growing International threats, radical Islam is only one of them.

Note: The author: William McCants, is a fellow at The Brookings Institution’s Center for Middle East Policy and is the director of its Project on U.S. Relations with the Islamic World.

One China! Maybe not for long!



Since 1979, America has towed the line over China policy. Not one time in those 37 years has an American President made or taken a phone call to or from the then President of Taiwan. Correction: Not one time . . . until NOW!

The American news-media is busily manufacturing an international incident.

It was the news-media that turned a simple congratulatory phone call from Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen  (pictured above) to President-elect Trump, into an International incident and put the president-elect into a position where he had no choice but to fight back against the news-media’s hyperbole. Did they really expect Trump to say: “Hey! About all that stuff I said when I ran for president; I was only kidding?”

Make no mistake about it . . . the Liberal news media obviously did not want Donald J Trump to win his election and now after he did win, they will do everything they can to assure that he fails. That’s how stupid and egocentric Liberal journalists and commentators are! After a long 18 month lead-up to an election and after the American People have spoken up and elected Donald Trump, they still believe that their opinions and biases will make a difference to the American electorate. These people do not seem to understand that our newly elected president has millions of Americans rooting for him and wanting him to shake up the policies that have threatened the American economy and America’s very sovereignty.

Diplomats and politicians, Chinese as well as American, will eventually wake up to the fact that on January 20, 2017 there will begin a new era in American foreign relations. On that date when President-elect Trump becomes President Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States we will have a president who is proud to proclaim that he is an “America First” president. And it’s about damn time!

We may not be the richest country on earth (we’re #11, behind Hong Kong), but we are the most powerful, the most benevolent, absolutely the freest and, as far as most Americans are concerned, the very best!