The Folly of Birthright Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants


The Citizenship Clause is the first sentence of Section 1 in the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states that:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

This Amendment was created for the sole purpose of insuring that the children of slaves would be considered citizens and given the rights and privileges due to all U.S. Citizens.

Jacob Merritt Howard (1805 – 1871) was a U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from the state of Michigan during and after the American Civil War. Senator Howard was also the author of the 14th Amendment Citizenship Clause. In his writings, he was very clear about  who would fall within the “jurisdiction of the United States. Here is what he wrote:

“Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law a citizen of the United States this will NOT, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, those who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States but will include every other class of persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States. This has long been a great issue in the legislation and jurisprudence of this country.”

This is from the guy who actually drafted the Citizenship clause of the 14th amendment. Is there any doubt about what the clause is saying? Only in the minds of those who refuse to acknowledge the history of the 14th Amendment and those who refuse to apply common sense to the reality of illegal immigration and birthright citizenship.

Birthright citizenship has been misapplied to hundreds of thousands of children who just happened to be in the United States when they were born, the children of illegal immigrants who heard there was an easy way to get into the United States without bothering with paperwork, learning anything about American history, American Law or all the other things that the people who do things the right way and who want to become Americans, not just foreign residents,  have to do.

Apply some common sense to the situation! How ludicrous is it that anyone really believes that coming to America and birthing a baby while here would actually/magically make that baby an American. It is ludicrous, but yet the majority of politicians, judges and immigrants believe it and they actually started practicing and legalizing this fictitious birthing ritual.

If you are pregnant, try it yourself. Wait until the date the baby is due and then go to a foreign country (if you’re on a budget just go North to Canada or South to Mexico) have your baby at an airport or bus terminal and try to claim that the baby is now a citizen of that country and you and the baby can stay in the country with no contest from the country’s legal system. You can be sure, if you don’t wind up in a prison cell, you will be on a bus, plane or train on your way back to the United States as soon as the country’s immigration officials can get you there.

Canada, in fact did, once upon a time, practice the same fictitious birthing ritual that the United States is now practicing. They allowed any baby born in country to become a citizen. Thousands of Orientals took advantage of their serendipitous interpretation of birthright citizenship until it got so bad the Canadian government had to finally end that practice. They were left with thousands of new oriental citizens but it ended right there. ‘Bout time we did the same.

My source and inspiration for this fact filled journey through birthright citizenship is “The Great One”, researcher, Constitutional lawyer and Constitutional expert Dr. Mark Levin. (and in case you didn’t know, he also has a daily, National radio show.

You’ll find many Mark Levin videos on Youtube and his many books in bookstores or your local library.

Now if you think Donald Trump (who by the way is right about the “Anchor Baby” situation) is a bit too caustic most of the time, you’ll find that Mark Levin is even moreso. If that’s not enough for you, check out Michael Savage on Youtube (in bookstores, libraries and on the radio) he also has common sense and understands what a ridiculous lark it is to endow citizenship on the babys of Illegals.

Levin, Savage and Trump are all right on this issue and Trump is the ONLY presidential candidate with enough commonsense and guts to say it out loud.

Huckabee in La-La-Land


Mike Huckabee has threatened to “Leave the Republican Party” if the GOP does not actively, openly and loudly oppose gay marriage.

It wouldn’t be a big loss for the GOP if Huckabee leaves and takes his few thousand homophobic followers with him. In fact it would be a plus for the GOP to be rid of someone who is so blind to America’s problems that he is willing to desert the party that is America’s best hope over a non-issue like Gay Marriage.

Hey Mike, how about pushing the GOP to take meaningful positions on stuff like the threat of radical Islam, American terrorists, the potential Ebola crisis, the disgraceful National debt, America’s ever weakening military might, the growing distrust of our allies (if we have any left after 6 years of Obama), the government’s rejection of the Free Market (the very system that once made us the most powerful nation on earth), the massive influx of illegal aliens that is being ignored by this administration when it is not being encouraged by this administration, or the government’s refusal to take advantage of our natural oil and gas resources to free us from dependence on foreign energy, Or maybe you could urge the GOP to do something simpler like getting Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi freed from the Ciudad, Mexico jail where he’s been rotting away for the past four months for no real reason.

No Mike, gay marriage will not destroy America but people like you will unless you get your heads out of the sand and focus on real problems.

The social issues and religious mandates you push don’t belong on any national agenda. All the Christian values like worship, respect, humility, honesty, morality, generosity, forgiveness, and all the other Christ-like virtues are absolutely wonderful for personal and spiritual growth and personal relationships but our country is dealing with brutal enemies, deadly disease and poor leadership; things that we can’t pray away. You are a politician, you should know better.

In Defense of Children in Peril


An article in the National Journal ( titled “Why 90,000 Children (per year) Flooding Our Border Is Not an Immigration Story”, provides a detailed look at the facts and background of the story you see almost nightly on the news.

My very first reaction to this scenario where all of these thousands of refugees are being snagged and then bussed to Arizona was that we should have secured the borders long ago, when it was being called for and when we were starting to understand what illegal immigration was doing to our country. But after reading this National Journal article I realized (as the Journal article’s title implies) that this is not a matter of illegal immigration, this is more correctly looked at as a refugee problem with a twist. These refugees are not adults looking for work, these are children, UNACCOMPINED children who were in danger in their home coutries. I’m inagining the heartbreak of the mother or father who realized that to save the son’s or daughter’s life they would have to send them away, to a different country, and perhaps never see them again. Most of these parents may not live long enough to see their children again. That’s an act of desperation AND an act of love.

The reason that this is happening is well beyond our direct control. These are impoverished Central American countries where the criminals and drug lords have taken over. It may be a terrible imposition on the generous nature of Americans to have to feed and clothe and medicate all of these childrens but it is what it is.

Had these refugees been adults I would opt for sending them all back to where they came from and encouraging them to learn to fight to defend themselves their families and their neighbors. There are no doubt more of them than there are criminals and they should have no qualms about killing the criminals before the criminals kill them. Hopefully it will come to that in ElSalvador, Guateala and Honduras, hopefully the people will rise up and take back their lives and neighborhoods.

The children, however, are another story. Frankly I applaud the common sense and courage of the parents or relatives of these children for sending them out of harm’s way. This is America and we will find a way to do what we have to for these kids, keep them well and keep them safe and make them feel like someone cares about what happens to them.


‘What is this you’re saying,’ you ask! ‘Your an atheist, a godless personification of evil works and evil intentions.’

‘Don’t believe everything you read or hear,’ I answer. ‘Every non-Christian has a heart (“if you prick us, do we not bleed” (Merchant of Venice, Act 3, Scene 1, Shylock speaking); and this atheist will never harm a child or knowingly send a child into harm’s way.

Defense Secretary Hagel: Reviewing Transexuals in the Military!


As you know if you’ve read many of my diatribes I have no problems with gay people (‘people’ = meaning individuals, not activists or activist  organizations).

When ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ went away in the military  I didn’t tweet ‘OMG, Horrible’ like some of the irrational folks have done in similar circumstances. We all have sexual identities and we are all (supposedly) adults who SHOULD be able to deal, in a civilized manner, with people and situations that challange our behavioral beliefs. That, in the proverbial “nut shell” is the basis of most (not all) predjudice: challenges to our preconceptions and beliefs. Just to be clear, no one need change their personal beliefs but to function in our American ‘melting pot’ it is very conductive to realize (and act on that realization) that differences in behavior are not a direct challenge to what you believe they are simply expressions of someone else’s beliefs and in a free society that is not (or should not be) a problem; if it is an insurmountable problem, you have options..

Gays, Lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered all exist as a part of our society. I firmly believe that they didn’t ask or choose to live a life of exclusion, ostricization or separation from the majority (and in some cases from their families), but there they are: living that life! People who suffer from mental illnesses, autism, Down’s syndrome , etc. certainly didn’t choose to live and, in some sectors of society, be treated as outcasts. Being looked at and teated as “different” may not be “fair”, but so much in life can be looked at like that — if, that is,  you choose to look at it as “unfair” instead of seeing it as a harsh reality to be dealt with. Man, by his very nature, cannot easily accept differences that challange to his beliefs and, because of his nature , man is not “fair”. (He or she was also “born THAT way! LOL)

The previous was in reference to society in general where you can choose your friends and enemies and choose hundreds of other things that effect your everyday life; now on to the miilitary where many choices have been voluntarily given up. In the military, many choices can not in fact even be ‘on the table’ ; the rules of this “closed society” are very different for very valid reasons.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has announced that he is willing to “review the military ban on transexuals.” Well a review never hurts as long as the results of that review reflect practical reality and not just people’s preferences, sensitivities, political objectives  and/or obsequence to pressure groups (not that I would ever suggest that such things will be a consideration in this review! :-)).

A May 12th article  on “” describes and quotes from an appearance Sec. Hagel made on ABC’s Sunday news show “This Week.” It’s apparent from this interview that Sec, Hagel IS willing to review the military ban on transgendered military service but he appears dubious.

Here’s a surprise for some of you: I am also dubious!

In that “This Week” appearance Sec. Hagel is quoted as follows:

<blockquote> “The issue of transgender is a bit more complicated, because it has a medical component to it. These issues require medical attention. Austere locations where we put our men and women in many cases, don’t always provide that kind of opportunity. I do think it continually should be reviewed. I’m open to that, by the way. I’m open to those assessments, because, again, I go back to the bottom line. Every qualified American who wants to serve our country should have an opportunity if they fit the qualifications and can do it.”</blockquote>

The Secretary went on to discuss “psychosexual” conditions”

<blockquote> “Current or history of psychosexual conditions, including, but not limited to transsexualism, exhibitionism, transvestism, voyeurism, and other paraphilias, do not meet the standard.”</blockquote>

(The “standard” to which Sec. Hagel is referring is the military “Standard of Medical Fitness

[Wow! I learned a new word: paraphilias! Look it up! Wikipedia has a whole list of them! ]

Back to the article: I completely agree with the quotes from Sec. Hagel and will go just a bit further. In ‘my view’, transexuals, unless they have been completely sexually reassigned and have been able to cope responsibly for some period of time with the results of this reassignment , may be a danger to themselves and others and should not be allowed to serve in a confined, rigid atmosphere like a military organization.

Transsexuals, in my view, are a world apart from gays, lesbians or bisexuals who are openly gay; these individuals are, in the majority of cases, coping with and content with who they are and in the vast majority of cases ‘who they are’ does not effect their understanding of normative rules of behavior or  their understanding of the need for those rules.

Bottom line: If you have problems coping with who you are or have reservations with the military, their customs, their rules or their very reason for being: don’t join. If you do join, and you have a problem with something a basic as your sexuality, you are being very irresponsible.

Big Government and the end of Freedom of Choice


big govtFor months now the media has focused on the expense and performance of the Obamacare website; it’s almost like the media and, by extension, the American public, has accepted as a fact the fiction that it’s appropriate for the Federal government to subsume the entire American health care/health insurance industry instead of working on specific, targeted legislation that would fix specific problems and any real inequities that exist.

Yes the health care industry had some problems but the Affordable Healthcare Act did nothing but push healthcare professionals aside and put amateurs in charge; and it was all done for a political, not a humanitarian reason. The Federal Government, under President Obama and the ever growing Progressive movement, has cast aside it’s traditional role as protector of traditional American freedoms and has decided that it is much more beneficial to the cause of an ever growing Federal Government to become the ‘controller’ of American society. The “Affordable Healthcare Act” is, unless we ‘defang the serpent,’ is obviously just the beginning.

The expense and performance of the Obama Healthcare website is NOT the problem that we need to discuss and worry over on a daily basis. The seldom mentioned REAL problems are the twisted mentality that:  1) allowed an entire sector of the free market to be taken over by the United States government when it was entirely unnecessary and 2) Caused an  anti-American values agenda to invaded the government in the form of a quasi-socialist president with a tongue as sharp and lies as smoothly delivered as the mythical Lucifer.

[In fact, following the carnage that has befallen modern America and that is threatening many future generations, first at the hands of Liberals during the last two “Bush years” in the name of “too big to fail” and then in the following years under the leadership of Barack Obama under the guise of “transforming America”. (The only transformation that has taken place during the Obama years has been transforming America into a place where success is punished more harshly than failure.) I’m beginning to doubt that Lucifer is a myth. My view now is that Lucifer is real and that he is actually a 21st Century Liberal. ]

The Affordable Healthcare Act is not the kind of thing that should have EVER happened in this country — this country that was built on free markets, on rugged individualism, on the principles: that the most ingenious successes will to rise to the top of the socio-economic ladder; that people have the right to choose their own destiny and that those who honestly need help will be given that help from those who are more successful or, as a very last resort, from out tax dollars.

Things are obviously quite different now and it’s not all Barack Obama’s fault (although he has made a tremendous contribution) but the result of those forerunners of the modern day Progressives who convinced the American citizen that he/she cannot make it on their own and then reconfigured the government to make sure that their prediction came true for succeeding generations. Staying in power became more important than empowering the citizenry.

It’s hard to determine if President Obama is actively working to destroy traditional American values or if he is just some inept do-gooder with a silver tongue and ideas that belong in the Communist world.

If President Obama and his puppets in the Congress were not obsessed with the false notion that the Federal Government’s role is  to be ‘savior of society’, they might understand that the Federal Government’s actions are limited by the Constitution specifically because the founders had the foresight to fear what is happening right now: government overreach and unreasonable restrictions to the freedom of American citizens.

Another, actually even larger, problem is a Supreme Court that has defaulted on it’s duty to protect the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the American people by not declaring the obviously unconstitutional “mandatory” aspect of this legislation unconstitutional when it had the opportunity.

Boy Scouts may be better off without Southern Baptists


Blind Faith

The LA Times story headed: “Southern Baptists consider abandoning Boy Scouts of America” is not an unexpected development . . . at least not from the Southern Baptists.

The truly sad part of the situation is that young boys are being discriminated against because of their “God-given nature” . . . one would almost have to assume that people who truly believe in God would understand that homosexual boys and girls are not “choosing” to be outcasts from society; they are what and who they are (who they were meant to be) because The Creator made them that way. It’s sad but not, however, surprising!

This is not to imply that Southern Baptists do not “truly” believe in their God, they no doubt do, but they also believe in irrational concepts like the absolute inerrancy of a Book that was pieced together from the writings of mere mortal men, and they believe this in spite of the thousands of times the Bible contradicts itself and in spite of the obviously illogical nature of “blind faith.”

Boys who want to experience acceptance in a peer group, regardless of their sexual identity, are far better off without the judgment and influence of a group of people like Southern Baptists.

This is NOT to imply that Southern Baptists are bad people; they are just lost! Lost from reality, reason and logic and in real-life terms that makes them less than adequate life-guides for children.

You’re the Editor! It’s Romney vs. Obama vs. the Media


I’ve been around through many presidential election cycles but if there was one with more deceit, innuendo and outright misinformation from the media, I don’t remember it.

Last week a video came out showing Romney explaining his campaign strategy to people who support him and want to contribute to his presidential campaign. When speaking to a group like that on a topic like that, in a “private” meeting, you ‘paint with a broad brush;’ there is no need to get into the minutia, no need to ‘weasel word’ everything you say — these are friends and supporters and what they want to know is if you have a logical, potentially winning strategy. That’s what Romney was delivering to this audience — not knowing that the far-Left Mother Jones Magazine had a spy there with a video camera.

Then, at a point where they figured it would be most advantageous to their far-Left candidate, Barack Obama, Mother Jones released a one-sided story, filled with accusations and innuendo that supported their version of what was going on in Romney’s meeting and extrapolated on their theory that only Obama cares about the lower and middle income people in this country.

The above is just an isolated example of how the media uses it’s elevated position to misinform it’s audience.

Don’t assume that the news you get from the far-Right is any more accurate!

If you are reading a blog or a commentary or an editorial you expect the story to reflect the views and positions of it’s author. Fair enough! But if you are reading a news article that contains more than the known details of a story you know you’re being used!

Mitt Romney and the Republican party have much more than the president to beat in November and Barack Obama and the Democrats have more than Mitt Romney alone to beat! They both have to beat misinformation from the main-stream media (mostly Left), the Network News outlets (mostly Left), the cable news outlets and numerous radio talk shows (mostly Right). Some of these news sources are reliable but others are simply blogs and commentaries of a “different color.” Use your common sense and logic! “Edit” out the non-facts as you read or listen.

The message here is obvious but let me repeat: THINK FOR YOURSELF! Don’t believe any news story (from the Left OR Right) that presents only one side of a story — responsible journalism (an entity that is almost dead) will give you straight news without assumptions, forecasts, rumors or commentary — if it gives you more, you are the editor.

On a personal note (this is a blog after all): My vote will be more against Obama than it will be for Romney. I feel very deeply that Obama’s re-election would be disasterous for our country and the American people. (OK! Now that you’ve got my ‘opinion’ you can edit it out!)