The Zimmerman Case


NAACP Race Card
Q: Why was this case “Racially Charged”?

A: Five Letters: NAACP

There were two problems in Seminole County Florida: First, the district attorney who was worried more about publicity than justice and secondly, the DA was more concerned about appeasing the NAACP and the black community than about proper practice of the law. I can think of no other reason for the DA to bring 2nd degree murder charges in a case where they seem to be, according to published interviews with dozens of legal experts, totally inappropriate.

The legal experts, according to a jury, were apparently correct.

That second problem, appeasing the NAACP as a tactic to either score political “points” with them or because of the fear of ‘increased racial tension’ (code phrase for fear of race riots) seems to me to be a much more serious problem than a DA misjudging the evidence. We’ve seen it over and over again: where the legal system is held hostage to a political agenda; and that is especially serious when the agenda in question belongs to an organization that acts as if the only criterion for right and wrong is the color of your skin. That’s what I call a racist organization. Appearances matter and racist is exactly what the NAACP appears to be.

If the DA’s office had been doing it’s job instead of reacting to the guilt trip that Liberals and the NAACP are so adept at laying on government officials, George Zimmerman would probably be in jail today, after being found guilty of the ‘appropriate degree’ of manslaughter.

Zimmerman DID act inappropriately and those actions DID contribute to the death of Travon Martin and he WAS carrying a firearm while doing it. That’s a textbook case of manslaughter.

Had the DA’s office done it’s job, these headlines that appeared on the day following the verdict would not have been necessary:

“Outraged NAACP Wants Feds to Prosecute George Zimmerman.

“The NAACP was “outraged” over the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial and called on the Department of Justice to pursue Civil Rights charges.”

“NAACP Is ‘Outraged And Heartbroken,’ And Will Pursue ‘Civil Rights charges.” (“Heartbroken?” Really?)

“Civil rights leaders seek new charges against Zimmerman.”

“NAACP president: We want a civil rights case!”

I guess it’s easy to understand the ‘rage’ generated by this case in the black community and the outrage as a result of the “innocent of all charges” verdict. It should NOT, however, be easy to understand! Organizations like the NAACP should have been working in the black community to enforce the fact that they are not African-Americans as much as they are just Americans. Americans like their white and brown counterparts; Americans who are many ugly years removed from the days when blacks were underprivileged by design and discriminated against by law. But instead the NAACP stirs up discntent and liberally uses it’s primary weapon: fear!

The Zimmerman case is over, it will NOT go on to a Federal court — not after the FBI publicly exonerated George Zimmerman of any racial motives or past behaviors; but that will not stop the race-baters on the Left until they either get at least one bloody race riot out of this case or get George Zimmerman killed by an angry mob.

I am here to say that I am also a hater! I hate racists; the white ones, the black ones and the brown ones. I hate the fact that there is an UNJUST Federal “Hate crimes” law which was created and passed into law just to appease minorities and soothe the consciences of white Liberals. This is a nation of laws, not an Orwellian society wher “improper” thoughts should land you in jail.

George Zimmerman might be an intelligent man (I don’t know) but he acted stupidly and recklessly on that rainy February night last year when he saw a kid in a “hoodie” walking not on the sidewalk but behind the homes. He was right to be suspicious but the job of the Community Watch is to report and not confront or threaten. The 911 operator reminded him of that, but he ignored it and apparently got into Travon’s comfort zone. Travon Martin may have been a brilliant student and a wonderful person (I don’t know) but he acted just as stupidly by getting into a physical confrontation with this “weird guy” who he knew was armed and following him. Two wrongs, we all know, never make a right; nor can two competing rash, thoughtless actions bring about anything but a bad ending.


Wikipedia: The Trial of George Zimmerman (a good wrap-up of the facts): All Da King’s Men


Affirmative Action: Court Sanctioned Discrimination?


Affirmative Action
In yesterday’s Supreme Court 7 to 1 non-decision regarding Affirmative Action at the University of Texas, the court basically decided that the University could do whatever it wants . . . as long as there is racial diversity on campus. So, basically, UT can NOT do whatever UT wants, such as setting an academic standard for admission into the university, other things must be considered, things apparently more important than academic standards; things such as the color or ethnicity of the student. I guess that kind of blind ignorance can be expected from a court filled with people who seem to be more concerned about being politically correct and “fair”, than they are about the reason for their being: making things Constitutional, which does not necessarily mean “fair.”

Rather than making an unpopular decision, the Supreme Court sent the case back to the lower court.

Ask anyone who has not led a life of privilege and they will tell you, life is not fair. To achieve a position anywhere above the basic subsistence level, you must “work your butt off” and make the most of your opportunities; and in this 21st Century there are opportunities for every United States citizen (at least those that are left after accommodating the millions of illegal immigrants).

Affirmative Action, while useful in the past to give educational opportunities to those who do not have the educational background to pass an academic standards test, has never been “fair.” It was never intended to be fair. It was intended to be discriminatory against white students who CAN meet the academic standards test. Imagine that! Racial discrimination has been sanctioned (and ordered by) the Supreme Court of the United States, based on some kind of decades old “guilt trip.”

So what has been the result of that “guilt trip”?

A positive result is that some minority students have benefited. Many, who had not previously displayed exceptional academic abilities have been given the opportunity to earn a college degree. If we assume that grades were not affected by affirmative action, there have certainly been some successes. Successes NOT due to affirmative action but due to the ability of those students to work hard at learning and understanding complex concepts and the ability of their educators to present those concepts. There have certainly also been some failures, again these were not due to affirmative action but either due to students inability to grasp the material they were presented with or the inability of some individual students to ignore the distractions of college life.

To be fair, students of all races have to pay a sometimes very high tuition; necessitating finding a job, which may shift a students focus away from study time.

The negative effect of Affirmative Action has been to deny acceptance to many excellent students, based solely on their race, the opportunity of attending the college or university of their choice.

An article in yesterday’s “LA Times, Nation Now” section titled “Texas students have strong opinions on affirmative action ruling” shares two of those opinions from black students.

A block, 21 y/o female student at UT Austin, Delanecia Holley, feels that Affirmative Action is not working and that the University is not trying hard enough. She gives the example of being the only black female in her business class and is also “quoted” (without quotation marks) as saying that she had ‘a recent run-in with a white professor who implied she and other black students hadn’t earned their place at the university.’

That attitude, by that unnamed professor, if he truly said that, IS completely the fault of Affirmative Action. It’s a natural reaction to the reverse discrimination that was created by Affirmative Action.

The LA Times article also mentions that Ms. Holley is the president of Texas Gospel Fellowship, a black student Bible study group with about 100 members. (I can understand her interest in the Bible, but why would a student so interested in racial diversity, choose to lead a presumably black-only bible study group?)
(Maybe white Christians have also become a minority group.)

The Times also interviewed a 35 y/o black male student, Eric Hall, who is studying Constitutional Law at UT Austin. Hall feels that Affirmative Action is “redundant and claims that it undermines “his legitimacy on campus.”

Unknowingly, Ms. Delanecia Holley provided some substantial proof of Mr. Hall’s claim by quoting her professor as saying that he feels that ‘black students haven’t earned their place at the university.’

Mr. Hall, who leads the Young Conservatives of Texas chapter at UT Dallas, told the Times that he feels that Affirmative Action is ‘just constitutionally wrong’ but he apparently feels that it is working, he described UT Austin as “one of the most diverse campuses” he’s seen.

Hall also stated that Affirmative Action “can kind of have a stigma and make you feel like you didn’t work as hard as your white counterparts.”

Whatever side of the argument you are on, it’s clear that Affirmative Action IS discrimination but it has had some successes. The thought occurs to me that, since there have been numerous successes at UT for students who initially didn’t get a good enough score on pre-admission exams, but were given a chance; the standards might be a bit too rigid and/or colleges might need to reexamine their criteria. Certainly more students of all races would benefit by a redesign of the tests so it reflects the abilities of the Affirmative Action success stories; and one-on-one interviews, on campus, by experienced educators with every test taker certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Racism in the Tea Party Movement?


The Cap Allegations of racism at the heart of the Tea Party Movement have been in the news lately: On Thursday of this week, the Kansas City Star posted a front-page article titled: Tea party rejects racist label, but concerns remain”. On the following day an opinion piece appeared in the New York Times asking the questions: “Are Tea Parties Racist? Is Al Qaeda?” These are just two of over 2000 hits you can find on a search of Google News.

On the surface, the rationale behind this speculation of Tea Party racism seems to be the fact (and it IS a fact) that some overtly racist people keep attending Tea Party rallys and they carry signs and wear t-shirts that are blatantly racist. The fact of the matter is, you will find that in the midst (or at least at the fringes) of ANY lawful assembly of hundreds of people there will be racists as well as other radicals and almost any other classification of individuals you might think of. Does that mean that the overriding purpose of the gathering is tainted or less than worthy? Of course not! It just means that we are a free society, social dynamics are at work amd the strength and purpose of the movement is greater than any one issue.

It’s also been suggested by some numbskulls that, since the tea party movement is almost automatically opposed to everything President Obama says or does and since the president is black, the Tea Party must be opposing him BECAUSE he’s black. That is, of course, even more ridiculous. Any American president, regardless of his race, who is as overtly Socialist as President Obama would be in for the same ridicule from the Tea Party Movement.

President Obama is so Liberal, so far out of the American mainstream, he is easily opposed by patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution and in the principal of a “government BY the people.” The Tea Party Movement represents those people who believe that unless something is done to take away his power, Barack Obama will have done irreparable damage to the United States by 2012. The fact that some of those people are admittedly racist does nothing to change that overriding motivation or that scenario.

The Republicans ‘Broken Wheel’



Ben Stein, in his article Time for Michael Steele to Go suggests that the primary reason Michael Steele was named Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) was because he’s an African American — as was our new Democratic president and titular head of the Democratic Party. That’s the Republican version of playing the “race card.”

There is little doubt that Michael Steele has the basic credentials to qualify for the job of RNC Chairman but there seems to be much doubt (now that it’s nearly too late to bring credibility back to the RNC) that he was the best candidate for the job.

Forget about the latest “scandal” involving a Beverly Hills “bondage-fantasy” club; since his day-one, Steele has reportedly demanded a lavish lifestyle on the RNC’s dime, has made, and admitted to, many mistakes and let’s not forget the kind of decision making that led to Dede Scozzafava’s candidacy in New York’s 23rd Congressional District in 2009.

I’ll freely admit that I’m not a true Republican or even a true Conservative, I see many things very differently from either party line or either statement of political philosophy, but right now I am at the only place it makes sense to me to be, totally on the Republican/Conservative bandwagon. Granted, that bandwagon is not going in exactly the direction I would like and granted it has a “broken wheel” (the RNC) but I’ll just have to live with my misgivings and then get out and push until that broken wheel gets fixed. Judging from what we have seen come out of Washington since it’s total domination by Leftists; I feel much safer even on a broken bandwagon than I do with that particular Leftist majority leading the country.

So what’s wrong with Leftists? They have some good ideas and they certainly have ‘heart’ but economically they seem to have little common sense. Why else would they come into control of a country with serious unemployment problems and a too large national debt and, instead of taking non-viral measures to correct those problems, they spend their first year-plus creating a new, overly-expensive, complete overhaul of the healthcare system that encompasses new taxes, benefit cuts, mandates on individuals, and hundreds of new layers of bureaucracy; all things NOT conducive to solving the problems they faced a year ago.

Remember now, this is not just a blogger ‘blowing smoke’ slanted in the direction of a political party, this is a blogger trying to emulate Paul Revere: “The Leftists are here, The Leftists are here — and things are getting worse!”

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Milestone Moments in Our Age of Stupidity


ALT TITLE Zachary Christie, A six y/o “A” student at John R. Downes Elementary School in Delaware, brought his favorite Cub Scout camping utensil (a combination knife, fork and spoon) to school to eat lunch with it — he eats all his meals at home with it and saw no problem with taking it to school.

That afternoon, Zachary was suspended from school and, according to the rules of the Christina School District’s zero-tolerance policy toward weapons in school, he faces a mandatory “45-day sentence” in the school district’s alternative school — that’s where all the “bad” kids go.

Ever since Columbine, this is a scenario that has been repeated throughout the country because school districts across the country have adopted a ‘one-strike you’re out’ zero tolerance policy. “The idea was to avoid discriminating against any student and to treat all students the same,” George Evans, the president of the Christina school board, told NBC News.

“Treat all students the same!” That’s the mantra of educators who have given up being educators because they are stuck in a system that refuses to even consider the implications of dealing with each student as an individual.

Throwing Down The Race Card

Here’s a quote from the MSNBC article that explains the school district’s rationale for their zero-tolerance (‘one-strike and your out’) policy:

“Christina, which, according to its Web site, is the largest school district in Delaware with some 17,000 students, adopted made their policy zero-tolerance because of concerns over racial discrimination. Studies have shown in other districts that when school officials are given discretion over such cases, African-American students are disciplined at a disproportionately high rate.”

In plain English what they’re saying is: all teachers are racists that can’t be trusted to control their hatred of blacks long enough to judge disciplinary situations fairly.” Is there anyone out there who really believes that? Isn’t it much more likely that black students really do break the rules more often but the system has once again “folded” when CORE or the NAACP threw down the race card?

I’m not a sociologist or a community activist and I’m certainly not a racist but I have lived long, have gone through Chicago’s mixed-race public school system (way back when people were still treated as individuals) and have seen the best and worst of behaviors from every racial group. Back then they realized that there were good kids, kids who tried to be good but easily got suckered into behaving badly by the bad kids and then there were troublemakers who actively sought out rules to break or, usually, actively sought out smaller, weaker kids to bully or otherwise misuse. The good kids usually got a “pass” when they broke some small rule and the troublemakers got treated appropriately. What happened there and everywhere else was the same thing that happened in Christina; the school districts got tired of fighting the charges of racism and adopted the stupid philosophy that every kid is the same and every kid should be treated as an amorphous “child,” subject to rules and discipline that, logically, should be reserved for the hard-case students.

Welcome to the ‘Age of Stupidity!’ It began in the Federal government and has filtered down through the states, counties and cities to infect even the youngest of us; 6-year-old Zachary Christie is just one of the most recent victims.

Professor Gates Should Thank The Cambridge P.D.


Gates Arrest

Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. returned to his home in a taxi last Thursday; he had been in China filming a documentary for PBS. When he arrived at his front door he found it to be stuck closed so he asked the taxi driver to help and according to news reports the two of them finally ‘pried’ the door open.

A neighbor, seeing these two men breaking into the front door of a home acted responsibly and called the police. After the police arrived, the news reports of exactly what happened are sketchy but one thing is clear, Professor Gates was eventually arrested by the responding officer. Here’s a blurb from the Metro International News:

It still isn’t entirely clear what transpired last Thursday when Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested outside his Cambridge home. A police report indicates Gates was screaming at the officer, called him a racist and ignored warnings to calm down.

Gates, however, denies he acted inappropriately and said the officer didn’t respond to his requests for identification.

By the way, Professor Gates is black and the arresting officer isn’t; and Professor Gates is, according to the Boston Globe, a Harvard professor and “a leading authority on African-American history.”

So who is the arresting officer: He is Sergeant James Crowley, who is, according to the
Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association, a highly respected veteran supervisor with a distinguished record in the Cambridge Police Department. This police association also reviewed the arrest reports and they have concluded that “his (Crowley’s) actions at the scene of this matter were consistent with his training, with the informed policies and practices of the Department, and with applicable legal standards.” Just a guy with a hard job to do.

As a result of the situation: Professor Gates wants an apology from Sgt. Crowley and Sgt. Crowley says he absolutely won’t apologize because he feels he has nothing to apologize for. Professor Gates is threatening a lawsuit. President Obama took a few moments out from his destruction of the economy to, in effect, call the arresting officer “stupid.” And the one photograph of the arrest (above), taken by a neighbor who saw a man he didn’t know being arrested, has made the rounds of the morning TV shows and newspapers.

The few facts presented in this post certainly represent insufficient reason to accuse anyone of anything but just from the information in the Metro International News quote above, the other facts about Professor Gates and what we know of Sergeant Crowley, one can start to get a picture of what might have transpired in the Gates house last Thursday. I certainly have a scenario in mind, but it would be inappropriate to share it based on what we know.

I will say this however — and I’ve already said it in the title of this post: “Professor Gates Should Thank The Cambridge P.D.” for doing their job, trying to protect the professor’s house. He should also track down the neighbor who witnessed his breaking and entering and thank him or her for being a good neighbor. Neither will, of course happen. The professor (as well as the president) is convinced that he was a victim of racial stereotyping and he will, no doubt, carry that belief to the Supreme Court if necessary.


Boston Globe: Officer in Gates case says he won’t apologize

New York Times: Obama Criticizes Arrest of Harvard Professor

Metro International News: Controversy over Gates arrest continues

The Politics of Race


Judge Sotomayor

Here’s the opening paragraph of a article published Wednesday morning (5/27/09):

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Republican Party risks further alienation from Hispanics by challenging the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, who would become the first Hispanic, and third woman, on the Supreme Court.

I don’t know about you, but that analysis of the situation, an analysis that is probably spot-on, depresses me.

Here’s My Opinion:

In a normal world, a person with Sonia Sotomayor’s flawed record as a fair and impartial jurist would not stand a chance of even being nominated for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court; but the world has changed — have you noticed? In the Obama world, unless there is a BIG dark secret in her past that comes to light, Sonia Sotomayor WILL BE the next Supreme Court Justice. Why? Because she’s a minority and because to Obama fair and impartial are not attributes that are desired on the bench, he wants “compassion”.

Gutless Congressmen and Senators will vote for Sonia Sotomayor based on her minority status and beyond that, WAY beyond that, they will vote for her because they know CNN is right — they WILL loose many Hispanic voters if they don’t.

Do those Hispanic voters see a vote against a person who happens to be Hispanic a vote against Hispanics in general? Yes I believe they do! They ONLY see race.

And the ladies and gentlemen of the Congress know that votes are the coin of the realm, votes are all that matter! Doing what’s right for the U.S. doesn’t matter, standing behind the Constitution in the face of a President who despises it and a judge who they know will shred it doesn’t matter. Simply doing what’s right for the justice system and the American citizens of all races that it serves doesn’t even matter. Just going out and getting those votes, no matter which devil you have to sell your soul to, is the important thing. Getting back in that seat after your next election is all that matters! Isn’t that right Senator X and Congressman Y?

Not that Sonia Sotomayor doesn’t have experience or intelligence — she has those too but every record of her decisions screams that her entire point of view is based on race. Sonia sings the same song as the NAACP, LaRaza, LULAC and the ACLU about the failure of the “system”, the inequity built into our society, and all those racist whites who don’t want them to succeed. The vast majority of Pakistanis, Indians, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and many, many other minorities here don’t seem to have that problem — they work hard, they study, they do whatever it takes to succeed and they either do succeed or fail but they don’t whine if they fail, they just keep trying. They understand that a failure is THEIR failure, not the fault of a racist “system”.

Sure there are some individuals who are textbook racists, who believe that any race but theirs is inferior, but there are so few of those individuals that they really don’t matter in the bigger picture. Sonya Sotomayor is, herself, being accused of being a “reverse racist.” Why? Because of the decision she made (it’s still being litigated) to throw out a firefighters test because the majority of minorities who took it failed. If I had been confronted with that fact I’d say that the majority of people who failed didn’t study hard enough; Sotomayor’s opinion is that the test was too hard — the obvious implication is that minorities aren’t smart enough to take difficult tests! (Hey! SHE implied that, I didn’t; I know better!)

Well Sonia, tell that to the millions of minorities who HAVE succeeded, some of whom live a lifestyle the majority of those ‘discriminatin’ white people could only wish for but will never see. They didn’t get where they are because of their color! They got there because they worked hard, used their brains and talent in the right way and because they refused to give up when they hit the rough spots. They got there because all that crap about the system being rigged against them is just that — crap! That’s a lesson those “Hispanic voters” should take to heart.

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