These are my personal observations on life in the social and political center.

The center isn’t a cop-out, its a decision.

It isn’t easy here in the center with no extremists telling you what to write, say or do — you just have to figure some things out for yourself!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Simon

    Your opinions are strongly expressed.
    Your spelling, grammar, and general level of literacy, however, are not impressive.
    I would strongly recommend that you take a break in order to study the means by which you may express yourself more clearly and persuasively.
    This is sincerely meant as constructive criticism.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Simon,

    There are several differences in spelling between the United States and Europe; where (I assume from your email address) you are. I run all of my posts through a spelling checker — it is, of course possible, that a misspelling sneaks in every now and then but that’s hardly a matter of great import.

    My grammar reflects the way I think and speak — I find it effective, if not exactly ‘by the book’.

    As to my general level of literacy: I believe my posts prove that I am literate; i.e., able (according to the U.S. dictionary) to read and write.

    We apparently have some political differences or different outlooks on life that spurred your insults (no, I don’t buy your “constructive criticism” claim). Your comments are purely obnoxious and possibly intended to draw an angry reply.

    Sorry to disappoint, my friend! I can take a good insult and shake it off — I just chalk it up to ignorance and bad manners.


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