A Trump Too Far


There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump is very right about the problems that need to be solved to “Make America Great Again.”

Illegal immigration; our weak military, the reckless, un-enforceable, likely disasterous Iranian nuclear “deal” with Iran, our non-response to China’s underhanded currency manipulation and trade practices, our far-too-weak military,  and our shoddy treatment of our allies in Europe and the middle-east among probably a dozen other things; EVERY ONE of which can be directly laid on the desk of President Barak Hussain Obama; Donald Trump is right about that also!

Donald Trump is at the top of the polls because he speaks to the mind of the common American who is fed up with our inept president, the entire Democratic party, and the weak, mindless, lying leaders of the Republican party who seem to be as anxious as President Obama to see this country turned into a third-world nation. These “establishment” politicians who are running the show in our nation’s capitol are almost as dangerous as Iran’s Supreme Leader and as dangerous and unstable as that “supreme leader” may be President Obama may be worse because he is a smooth, lying, undercover-jihadist who has intentionally allowed all of the aforementioned problems to grow and fester with the ultimate goal of the destruction of our country and system of government. He is the Manchurian Candidate of the 21st Century.

That’s a lot of accusations and if I’m wrong about any of them, please show me where I am wrong.

I don’t believe I am wrong and I believe Donald Trump is absolutely right.

So why is this post (the 416th post on ‘My View From the Center’) titled “A Trump Too Far”? It took me a while to realize it, but Donald Trump is acting immature and, reckless and, unless he gets a personality transplant, he may kill his chance to lead.

Trump says, in effect, he can’t be silent while someone is mocking him or insulting him. He obviously never attended a public school and was never counseled on appropriate public behavior or given any anger management training.

Jorge Ramos of Univision, TV reporter Megyn Kelly, Lindsey Graham and most of his fellow candidates for the Republican nomination have been insulted and ridiculed and called names by Trump and this juvenile behavior will eventually take its toll on his popularity. People realize he is right on the issues facing the United States, but they will soon realize that his childlike behavior, if it is moved to the “world stage,” may cause serious problems for a country that (thanks to the Democratic party and Presidents Bush and Obama) is ill prepared to defend itself in an extended conflict.

Mr Trump, you could be the savior of this once strong, still a proud nation, but unless you stop your tantrums and tone down your personal attacks you may never have the chance to step into that role.

Stick with the issues and develop a ‘thicker skin!’


4 thoughts on “A Trump Too Far

  1. Mr. Trump is living proof that you can say all the right things and still be the absolute wrong guy for the job. Diplomacy and a sense of decorum is an inescapable and important requirement of any President. Trump has no filter, and doesn’t want one, and therefore can’t be qualified for the position.

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