Kim Jong Trump


I think I’m beginning to “O.D.” on Donald Trump and it is more the fault of the news media in general, and specifically the fault of “NewsMax”, then it is the fault of Donald Trump or his campaign staff. I don’t know if Trump owns a large piece of NewsMax or not, but that periodical’s major obsession with his campaign makes it seem like he is either an owner or a ‘favorite son.’

And it’s not just NewsMax!

There are constant, tiring repetitions all over the media, in word and video, of Trump’s admittedly whiny behavior. (His whining about fair treatment frankly  made me think of that immature brat that runs North Korea, Kim Jong what-his-name). Trump thinks he has the Republican party over a barrel, and maybe he does! He’s apparently still the Republican electorate’s choice in the crowded field (and he’s still my choice) but if he has me wondering about his behavior (me, an early and avid backer and big fan of his straight talking no he might be committing ‘suicide by media’.

I love what Trump has to say about Iran, Mexico, China, Obama and the many other dumb-ass professional politicians in Washington. He makes sense and his utter disdain for political correctness is like a cool breeze in this hot Summer weather. He’s the angry, fed-up voice of many millions of voters but right now it seems as if he is getting too much press coverage.


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