Debate Losers


Fox News Lost the Debate:

The three “moderators” at the prime-time Republican candidate’s debate had no idea about the role of a moderator. A debate moderator, by definition, keeps things moving, keeps things within reasonable or proper limits. Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace were simply attack dogs, not moderators, on Thursday night.

They were not out to determine policy positions of the candidates, they were not there to point out the many positive aspects of the candidates; they were clearly there to start a brawl between some candidates and embarrass others. They wanted to be the stars of the show, I’ll bet they were secretly wishing for a candidate to just walk off stage so they could claim that bit of fame.

Unfortunately, historically, that is not unusual behavior for the “network stars” that are empaneled as moderators; few straight questions, many “gotcha” accusations.

RedState Lost the Debate:

Yesterday, Donald Trump was “disinvited” to the RedState Candidates Forum because he “insulted” Megyn Kelly (as well as Bret Baier and Chris Wallace but mostly Megyn Kelly.) Richly deserved insults to be sure, except in the eyes of the leader of RedState. To him, for some strange reason, the brand of attack journalism Fox news displayed on Thursday (not just against Trump, but against all 10 candidates) is just fine. He never even hinted that Trump’s vitriol against Ms. Kelly was in any way justified. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Donald Trump is the people’s clear choice right now, but the “loser” Erik Erikson, the head man at RedState, doesn’t really care what the people (us rabble) want, he wants everything prim and proper and oh so very civil. He wants another mild mannered Mitt Romney, not an outspoken Donald Trump. In other words, he is (as are many other Conservatives) totally disconnected from the real world. The real world where people are sick of the brand of conservatism that is currently rendering the Republicans (the majority) in the House and Senate impotent, the brand of Conservatism that dares not call a Marxist a Marxist, an enemy of this Country an enemy of this country or even call an Islamic Terrorist an Islamic Terrorist.

Personally, I’m sick of the word Conservative. Donald Trump is not as much of a Conservative as he is a Patriot and a Rebel; I’ll take that as President any day over the kind of Milqtoast Conservative being promoted by Red State.


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