Does freedom of religion mean freedom to discriminate? That’s the wrong question!


That was, however, the question asked by CBS News  and by other Liberal news organizations.

The Unholy Furor (excuse the pun) surrounding the Indiana Religious-Freedom Law is as inappropriate as the law itself.

The underlying implication of this law (and almost every other law involving “discrimination” issues) is: A business owner does not really own his/her business. The business owner has limited power over who he/she hires or what customer(s) that business serves. If I was a business owner who invested my own “sweat capital” and either my own financial capital or an investor’s capital in my business, I would expect to decide these issues for myself. Actually I would demand these rights but demanding would do no good (unless I had at least one Legislator “in my pocket.”)

Today, creating a business in the “Land of the Free” and actually running that business is a pipe dream — we are living in the ‘Land of Limited Freedom,’ limited by government overreach and by the self-centered morality of the religious lobby.

The Religious-Freedom law does not just protect religious freedom for the religious, it takes away personal freedom from all citizens, religious and non-religious.

The ORIGINAL Religious Freedom legislation, signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1993, was only created to allow Native Americans to use Peyote (classified as an illegal drug) in their religious observances. That was a good use of the law, it actually confirmed the First Amendment freedom of religion. Later our legislators (apparently blind to what they were doing) applied this law to every incident involving religion; they effectively  broadened the law to include all religious thought and belief. From that point the simple words of the First Amendment (prohibiting the “making of any law respecting an establishment of religion (or) impeding the free exercise of religion”) went ‘out the window.’ At that point our Legislators stopped PROTECTING religion and began IMPOSING religious thought and belief on every American.



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