“Immigration Reform” Obama Style!


By the end of the G.W.Bush Presidency, the lack of proper enforcement at our southern border was a major job killing, economy killing problem. During his first run for the presidency Barack Obama made a promise to “reform” the immigration system and that, among many other false promises, combined with an element of misplaced “white guilt,” bought Obama the presidency.

Unfortunately, Obama’s version of reforming the immigration system was to open the border even more, encourage illegal immigration by giving away benefits to illegals that were ONLY intended for citizens and by obscuring immigration issues with lies and more false promises.

Obama soon found out that he could not reform the immigration system because of several factors: 1) The majority of the American public does not agree with Obama’s convoluted definition of “fairness,” they want fair treatment of American citizens not fair treatment of people who have broken our laws and taken advantage of our generosity. 2) The Federal Court System is not trustworthy; we have judges on the federal bench who are incapable of separating their allegiances to their political parties and benefactors from their allegiance to the U. S. Constitution. 3) The Congress of the United States is broken in the same way the Federal Court System is broken. Their oath is to the U.S. Constitution and the people NOT to the RNC or the DNC or to anyone in the Executive Branch of government.or to any non-secular entity.

With the level of dysfunction in the greater Federal Government its a surprise that anything productive ever happens.

When President Obama discovered that he was impotent (unable to plant the seeds of change in the immigration system) he decided to ignore the Congress, ignore the Judiciary and ignore the American people and rule by Executive Order. In November of 2014 Obama proposed a program, using his executive authority, that would do away with the threat of deportation from some 4.7 million illegal immigrants.Note that, as House Speaker Boehner reminded us this week, President Obama has publicly stated 22 times that he does not have legal authority to do this, he did it anyway because it’s the one thing that might stop his 8 year presidency from being a complete failure in his own mind {it already is a complete failure in many other minds}.

Obviously, judging from President Obama’s own words and actions in the areas of immigration and foreign policy, the future of the United States take a distant second place to the legacy of Barack Obama.

On Monday  of this week, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville, Texas must have taken note of the fact that 26 states (just over 50%)  have requested an injunction to block the President’s immigration programs from going into force while the legal process played out. Judge Hanen granted the injunction.

The Federal System being what it is, it is likely that another Federal Judge will overturn Judge Hanen’s decision within a few days.


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