American Inaction



Maybe our incompetent, indecisive president would finally take revenge on ISIS if some African-American citizens/reporters were beheaded. Just being American  doesn’t appear to be enough of an incentive,

And you want a strategy Mr. President? Here’s one. Send the United States Military, in force, to Iraq and kill every one of those low-life radical-Muslim bastards. We have the justification but we still seem to be lacking the guts — lacking an an administration with guts that is.

We need to RE-TEACH the world that the United States will never lie down and sit back while cowardly terrorists are killing Americans OR our allies while hiding behind masks.  


One thought on “American Inaction

  1. « mais qu’on n’impose pas ce genre de chas&s eroquo; Si je comprends bien, ces messieurs vous ont donc forcé à vous marier avec une personne du même sexe ? Scandaleux !

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