Handling Our Border Crisis — The Obama Way


President Obama wants to spend 3.7 Billion taxpayer dollars in an effort that “he HOPES” will help resolve the mess he helped create at our southern border. He wants to handle illegal immigration on a case by case basis through a new and improved legal system (hmmm, something wrong with that — perhaps the name should be changed to the “Illegal System”) and build nicer detention centers to keep the illegals ‘comfy’ while they wait for the ‘wheels of justice to get up to speed. I would bet that the first deportation hearing will not begin for six months to a year while the Washington “genius'” are re-creating current immigration laws to make them kinder and gentler. (You know that’s going to happen don’t you?) All this time we are feeding and caring for them and you can bet that every judge that is appointed to hear these cases will be a push-over for “doe-eyed” children and adults with particularly poignant “sob stories”.

I say we should deport every illegal we can find! They are not here because we invited them, they are not here because they can contribute to the economy or welfare of the country! We have a U.S. Embassy in virtually every major city in the world! That’s why THEY are there; to handle applications for asylum in the U.S. as well as applications for legal entry into the United States. If our embassy’s are incapable of doing that, lets “beef THEM up” before more refugees and asylum seekers get to our borders.

The answer to the unasked question ‘why are deportation hearings necessary?’ eludes me. Only American Citizens or those holding valid visas should logically be granted any legal rights or be entitled to due process under our laws and under our Constitution. If you are not wanted in a person’s house, you have no legal rights to be there and the owner of the house has every legal right to eject you. Don’t you think that that principle of ‘private property’ should apply to our borders? If not then we are no longer a sovereign country.

But our president has vowed that if we don’t do it HIS way he will ‘do it himself.’ Now THAT I believe, or that he will at least try.

If there is any way to stop our government from going into a 2-month recess, now is the time to pull it out of a hat. While the cats are away, the rat will play. Leaving Obama alone, virtually in control of the government and in control of America’s future is like leaving your twin six-year olds alone in you home for a weekend. They will break everything.

Oh yes, the president says he wants to beef up our border security and he wants to speed deportations — but only a fool would believe that. He owns the Justice Department who are the people who will be controlling this grand scheme and if you look at the last 6 years of the Obama administration you will notice that he does not like the thought of a strong United States. He has continually tried to turn our once powerful, influential, militarily dominant United States into his fantasy version of a third-world country that is ripe for the picking of our enemies. He has continually tried to subvert our Constitution and now he is attempting to virtually eliminate our sovereignty.