An Apology and Something to Consider


When I posted my last article , the information about Bowie Bergdahl was still being held Confidential by our government. Imagine my chagrin when, the very next morning, I read that he is not only a deserter but a Taliban sympathizer. The action I proposed (a rescue mission) that never happened was apparently planned and rejected because the Joint Chiefs didn’t want to risk even one real American soldier’s life for a deserter and traitor. That was a GOOD decision and I apologize for the assumptins I made in my last post, assumptions based on the lack of information available.

The apparently politically disasterous decision to let 5 dangerous Taliban prisoners loose in exchange for this traitor was, from what I read, a decision made by none other than the Commander and Chief, Barack Hussain Obama. As dispicable as Bowie Bergdahl may be, he at least followed his conscience (as his father advised him to do). I firmly believe that President Obama (a phrase that has become an oxymoron) was also following his conscience; and that’s a scary thought.

The difference between a soldier who decided to go over to the Talaban and president who decided to free 5 dangerous “high value” America Haters for a no value deserter is so obvious that to dwell on it would insult your intelligence. The unanswered question is WHY did the President, in opposition to the vast majority of his own hand-picked advisors, go through with the prisoner swap.

There is no doubt an entire fat folder full of things we don’t know about the situation but from what we know about the president’s deferential decisions made in favor of our nation’s sworn enemies and from the the many, many other things President Obama has done to weaken our country’s military and it’s economy and forever change it’s very nature, it is painfully easy for me to assume that our president does not like the United States as it was since it’s founding up to his presidency and to assume he is working hard for the country’s eventual descent into oblivion.

We’ve all heard from personalities, groups and individuals that condemn President Obama’s policies and question his motivations but have we really listened and thought about it logically?

Have we seriously considered the direction this country is going?

I hope so!


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