The Mark Davis I Didn’t Know I Knew


I’ve for years enjoyed listening to Mark Davis radio talk show (in spite of his occasional ‘moral’ rants). He’s for the most part intelligent and reasonable and he always seems to come up with his own unique perspective on the topic of the moment. This morning was no different until he said something just after 10:30 am that ‘shifted my brain gears’ and actually caused me to wince at what he appeared to admit to his large radio audience.

Before the previous ‘break’ in his show he had a long and interesting conversation with journalist Mark Lewis. One of the last topics in this conversation was Evolution vs. Creationism. Mr. Lewis brought an interesting perspective to the conversation by introducing a famous quote that suggested that evolution was a part of the process of “God’s Plan;” sort of a tool used to facilitate the evolution of man. I was actually surprised when Mark Davis, usually a logical thoughtful man, rejected outright the thought that evolution had anything to do with the creation of man — wouldn’t even consider it a remote possibility.

It’s a much debated subject of course and many people have hard and fast opinions on the topic and today we learned where Mark Davis stands. If he only just “stood” there.

After the commercial break where, in the world of talk radio, the talk radio hosts are degraded and forced to sell ‘stuff’, Mark did some musing on the previous subject and, I admit my mind wandered a bit until I heard him bring up a quotation that was derived from Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872) who wrote in “Essence of Christianity: “God the Image of Man..” The version of that quote that you have probably heard is: “Man created God in HIS own image.” Mark followed that with a personal recollection that he was only 14 at the time he first heard that and not mature enough to be “insulted.”


As I think back on his other personal asides I realized that Mark Davis is, as I said previously, intelligent and reasonable . . . about almost EVERY OTHER topic but religion. It’s like when it comes to God, Jesus, the Bible, Creationism and a proper moral perspective to all of life’s quandaries, HE KNOWS the answers. You may never even get an “In my view” from him on these subjects (as you always get from the title of this blog); just his opinions stated as absolute, unimpeachable fact.

That is, at least, the way it is presented.

I’m a life-long atheist but I never claim that I KNOW the true facts, (I just suggest that those who disagree with me are being illogical or irrational . . .). I never, however, feel insulted.

Be that as it is, he is still the best talk show host on the radio when it comes to non-religious topics and when he suggested that the thought that “man created God in His own image” INSULTED him it just moderated my respect for him. I could understand and respect most other word choices that would suggest that he disagreed or even violently disagreed with a statement but there is something amiss when a difference of opinion effects you to the point where you are “insulted.”

The bottom line is, I love the guy (in an appropriate sense) and I’m giving Mark Davis the benefit of the doubt by assuming he just made an inappropriate word choice.

The Mark Davis Show


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