ImageThe finger of blame for today’s government shutdown points squarely at President Obama and his Democratic robots in Congress.

That is of course not what most of the media will tell you and that is certainly not what you’ll hear from Obama’s talking heads but it is a fact. If the Republican lawmakers have a share of the blame it is only because they tried to do their jobs, i.e., be responsive to their constituents and do what they see as best for the country; and also because they were stupid enough to think that our incompetent, misguided president might consider the layoffs of thousands of government employees (many of whom live from paycheck to paycheck) to be more important than delaying the implementation of Obamacare.

The Republicans in the House voted to fund continuing government operations it is our Ventriloquist and Chief President Obama (with his hand up the back of his ‘dummy’ Harry Reid) that shut down the government so he could continue his assault on free enterprise through his manipulation of health insurance.

I’m not sure what hold President Obama has on the Democratic members of Congress but it must be something very powerful, almost hypnotic, to cause them to ignore the facts that imposing government health care on those who do not want it or need it is immoral and, in spite of the Supreme Court’s June 28, 2012 unconstitutional and totally political decision to rewrite the law rather than call it what it is, it IS clearly unconstitutional.

If Obamacare was just one option out of many for those Americans without health care, very few people would have a problem with it; but as it is now the Federal government, under the control of the most misguided and UnAmerican president in it’s history in charge of everyone’s(*) health insurance.

* Reference:

The Inquisitr: <a href=””&gt; Obamacare Exemptions To Affordable Care Act Fines Exist, But Only For Certain People</a>


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