At Least Ted Cruz is Doing the Right Thing!


ImageSenator Ted Cruz is a good man! He’s trying his damnedest to do what his constituents sent him to Washington to do, pull the plug on Obamacare. I think he knows, as does anyone else who is paying attention, that he is  fighting a loosing battle and Obamacare will not be beat. Not yet!

The public/the voters are being ignored because the Democrats don’t really give a damn what they think — at least not right now! They will care a whole bunch as we approach the 2014 mid-term election — but not right now. Right now they want to stay on the good side of Harry Reid because Harry Reid will punish them AND their constituents by blocking their pork-filled legislation, blocking everything else they want to do and by giving them the crappiest jobs a Senator can be subjected to. Harry Reed is an evil little man and they all know that you don’t cross the Senate’s bridge without paying tribute to the resident troll!

Our government (the “institution of government” as one NYT commenter called it) in the NY Times article that explains the situation is so corrupt right now, it hardly matters what anyone does. The “Affordable Care Act” was passed based on a concoction of lies, hopes and Obama’s dreams. The tactics used to pass it were an insult to the Constitution, to the taxpayers and should have been the basis for impeachment proceedings. It is harmful and an insult to the very people who it purports to help and helps only the insurance providers who were the purported ‘enemy,’ and institutions like the AARP who have taken
the tattered ball and are running with it to the goal line, telling lies all the way.

In the words of Nancy Pelosi (the perfect counterpart for Harry Reid) “we won’t know what’s in it until we pass it” and damned if she wasn’t right!

After Ted Cruz finishes his diatribe on the Senate Floor, Obamacare will not be affected; not, that is, unless the Senators actually start reading their mail and taking calls from their angry constituents, not unless the Senators who are very likely to lose their jobs in 2014 grow some balls and start insisting that the people who actually pay their wages should be the judge and jury over Obamacare funding and not the troll beneath the Senate’s bridge who has nothing to lose in 2014. The more likely scenario is that Obamacare will be far healthier than its victims.

It’s time for every Senator and Congressman who wants to see Obamacare defunded to start focusing on 2014 to start delivering the statistics and the message to all the voters. It is only a Republican majority in the House and Senate that will kill Obamacare and be able to defeat Obama’s inevitable veto.


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