A Tennessee Judge Proves Herself to be Incompetent


Legal SystemJaleesa Martin, of Newport, Tenn. named her child Messiah when he was born — it may seem like an odd name for a baby but actually, according to this ABC News Story Messiah is “the fourth fastest rising name for boys over a one-year period; that’s according to the Social Security Administration.”

Ms. Martin recently went to court to have a legal decision on paternity and have the judge change Messiah’s last name to match her own last name.

When Ms. Martin and Messiah appeared in court she had the bad luck to be assigned to the courtroom of Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew; one of the many judges around the country who will ignore the law in favor of their own personal beliefs. Judge Ballew decided, quite without legal precedent, that Messiah’s FIRST name needed to be changed because, as she put it: “The word Messiah is a title and it’s a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is Jesus Christ.”

Judges, of course, can make whatever rulings they feel appropriate as long as their decisions are based on laws or legal precedents — Judge Ballew’s decision to change a child’s GIVEN name however was not based law, it was based on her religious beliefs and her personal arrogance.

Judges, like State and Federal legislators have no business inserting their personal or especially their religious beliefs into their decisions, mainly because there is no law and, as long as this remains a relatively “free” country there will never be a law, that makes the American public subservient to any religion or any church and certainly not subservient to a radical judge’s ruling.

The baby Messiah is now legally named ‘Martin DeShawn McCullough’ and, as Judge Ballew arrogantly told the news media, “at this point he has no choice in what his name is.” Hopefully that situation won’t last for long. Ms. Martin is planning on appealing Judge Ballew’s decision and, if there is really any justice left in the State of Tennessee, not only will the ruling be reversed but Judge Ballew will be, and should be, immediately removed from the bench before a Spanish man or woman appears before her with their child named ‘Jesus” and she further embarrasses the State of Tennessee’s Judicial System.


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