John McCain the “Kumbaya” Senator


Jon McCain, the voice of deteriorating American values from Arizona, apparently agrees with President Obama that self defense (stand your ground) is far too ‘rude’ of a tactic, especially when used in a racially charged situation.

Before “stand your ground” the law basically required that you run away from trouble; you had a legal “duty to retreat” unless you had no way to avoid the confrontation. The exception to that was the “Castle Doctrine” that provided that everyone has the right to defend their person and property, including the reasonable use of deadly force, in their own home.

In states where Stand Your Ground Laws are in effect, everyone now has the legal right to use “reasonable’ force to defend themselves and they are not required to evade or retreat from dangerous situations. This law has nothing to do with guns, except the obvious; if you are carrying a weapon you must be in legal possession of the gun and in a place where you are legally allowed to have it in your possession and not committing a crime.

It is also very important to note and remember that, while Florida does have a stand your ground law, it was never used as a legal defense of George Zimmerman’s actions — it did not apply since Zimmerman was attacked and pinned to the ground and could not retreat even if he had wanted to. Also note that race was not a factor in the trial; in that situation the race of the combatants did not matter. Zimmerman’s initial call to the police did not mention the race of the suspect — it’s doubtful, considering the time of day, the poor visibility in the rain and the fact that Trayvon had his hood up that Zimmerman knew Trayvon was black. The race hustlers however, want you to believe that the only reason Trayvon is dead is because he is black. Of course these are the same people who insist that Trayvon was the innocent party; their only “proof” of that is that he’s black and Zimmerman is not!

Even though the Stand Your Ground law was not a bone of contention during the trial, that law is still part of Florida law and the Zimmerman jury found, in the words of the law, that a person in Zimmerman’s situation on that rainy February night has “no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm.”

Rather that agreeing with the liars and race hustlers, John McCain should be confronting them, starting with President Obama, who has, time after time, disgracefully, put himself forward as a “black” president rather than an American president. McCain needs to point out to them and to every American that “stand your ground” was a basic American value in EVERY community in America long before it was codified in some states. Generally, American’s not backing down in the face of danger has been an American principle since before George Washington was made president.

One regrets whatever happened to John McCain to make him a compromiser rather than a man with principles that will not be compromised. It’s not too much of a surprise however; John McCain, like many other Legislators, are reluctant to confront the Al Sharptons’, Jessie Jacksons’ and the other race hustlers. They are afraid to be called a racist for standing up for principles rather than playing their race games. The result is, they are compromising commonsense principles for votes. Sticks, stones and thugs like Trayvon Martin may brake your bones guys (and girls) but the name racist, coming from professional racists like Sharpton, Jackson and the NAACP will never hurt you.

I’ll never criticize an individual for choosing to avoid violent confrontations and the pain that may come with them but I certainly can’t agree with the “duty to retreat” laws that, if Stand Your Ground was not there, would make it a criminal offense to use necessary force if you choose to defend yourself rather that “retreat.”


NBC Politics: McCain joins Obama in calling for review of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws

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2 thoughts on “John McCain the “Kumbaya” Senator

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