The Zimmerman Case


NAACP Race Card
Q: Why was this case “Racially Charged”?

A: Five Letters: NAACP

There were two problems in Seminole County Florida: First, the district attorney who was worried more about publicity than justice and secondly, the DA was more concerned about appeasing the NAACP and the black community than about proper practice of the law. I can think of no other reason for the DA to bring 2nd degree murder charges in a case where they seem to be, according to published interviews with dozens of legal experts, totally inappropriate.

The legal experts, according to a jury, were apparently correct.

That second problem, appeasing the NAACP as a tactic to either score political “points” with them or because of the fear of ‘increased racial tension’ (code phrase for fear of race riots) seems to me to be a much more serious problem than a DA misjudging the evidence. We’ve seen it over and over again: where the legal system is held hostage to a political agenda; and that is especially serious when the agenda in question belongs to an organization that acts as if the only criterion for right and wrong is the color of your skin. That’s what I call a racist organization. Appearances matter and racist is exactly what the NAACP appears to be.

If the DA’s office had been doing it’s job instead of reacting to the guilt trip that Liberals and the NAACP are so adept at laying on government officials, George Zimmerman would probably be in jail today, after being found guilty of the ‘appropriate degree’ of manslaughter.

Zimmerman DID act inappropriately and those actions DID contribute to the death of Travon Martin and he WAS carrying a firearm while doing it. That’s a textbook case of manslaughter.

Had the DA’s office done it’s job, these headlines that appeared on the day following the verdict would not have been necessary:

“Outraged NAACP Wants Feds to Prosecute George Zimmerman.

“The NAACP was “outraged” over the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial and called on the Department of Justice to pursue Civil Rights charges.”

“NAACP Is ‘Outraged And Heartbroken,’ And Will Pursue ‘Civil Rights charges.” (“Heartbroken?” Really?)

“Civil rights leaders seek new charges against Zimmerman.”

“NAACP president: We want a civil rights case!”

I guess it’s easy to understand the ‘rage’ generated by this case in the black community and the outrage as a result of the “innocent of all charges” verdict. It should NOT, however, be easy to understand! Organizations like the NAACP should have been working in the black community to enforce the fact that they are not African-Americans as much as they are just Americans. Americans like their white and brown counterparts; Americans who are many ugly years removed from the days when blacks were underprivileged by design and discriminated against by law. But instead the NAACP stirs up discntent and liberally uses it’s primary weapon: fear!

The Zimmerman case is over, it will NOT go on to a Federal court — not after the FBI publicly exonerated George Zimmerman of any racial motives or past behaviors; but that will not stop the race-baters on the Left until they either get at least one bloody race riot out of this case or get George Zimmerman killed by an angry mob.

I am here to say that I am also a hater! I hate racists; the white ones, the black ones and the brown ones. I hate the fact that there is an UNJUST Federal “Hate crimes” law which was created and passed into law just to appease minorities and soothe the consciences of white Liberals. This is a nation of laws, not an Orwellian society wher “improper” thoughts should land you in jail.

George Zimmerman might be an intelligent man (I don’t know) but he acted stupidly and recklessly on that rainy February night last year when he saw a kid in a “hoodie” walking not on the sidewalk but behind the homes. He was right to be suspicious but the job of the Community Watch is to report and not confront or threaten. The 911 operator reminded him of that, but he ignored it and apparently got into Travon’s comfort zone. Travon Martin may have been a brilliant student and a wonderful person (I don’t know) but he acted just as stupidly by getting into a physical confrontation with this “weird guy” who he knew was armed and following him. Two wrongs, we all know, never make a right; nor can two competing rash, thoughtless actions bring about anything but a bad ending.


Wikipedia: The Trial of George Zimmerman (a good wrap-up of the facts): All Da King’s Men


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