Immigration Reform: My Thoughts


I tend to obey the law and would greatly prefer it if everyone else did the same. Oh well; I can dream!

On the topic of Immigration Reform, a topic that (along with gun control) is dominating the talk on Capital Hill today I have very few thoughts that I have not expressed before in this blog. Unlike our Senators, Congressmen and all the members of the Executive Branch, I’m not out looking for votes among the legal immigrant population so I have the ability to speak freely.

While I would actually prefer that the U.S. rid itself of every illegal immigrant within it’s borders, I realize that is something that cannot happen. Why? Finding and deporting every illegal here would be a logistical nightmare and would probably be no less expensive than allowing them to stay.

Self Deportation is the Answer

I understand why, when the subject of “self deportation” came up in the last election it was ridiculed; it sounds “mean-spirited. Be that as it may, self deportation is not difficult, costs us little and will solve several a large problems for the US and it’s citizens: If we don’t allow anyone who is not in our country legally to become employed or to benefit from any form of public assistance (i.e, if we obey our own current laws) most illegals will leave rather than put up with the hardship and the certain knowledge that the hardship will continue. It may sound cruel to some but let’s remember that the definition of “illegal” has not changed since the first dictionary was published.

Alas! Reality sets in: There need not be exceptions to this self-deportation concept but, this is the U.S. and we as a people have become very soft-headed and warm hearted so there will be exceptions, up to and including the complete elimination of the concept of “self deportation.”

A compromise will be reached in Washington, probably this week, and far-left Liberals like Harry Reed have already “guaranteed” that it will be passed . . . without, of course, knowing any details. Typical! They did the same thing with the “ObamaCare” legislation.

Whatever it is that passes for Immigration Reform in the end will not be completely beneficial for the country — but it will be beneficial for certain political aspirations. In the end, however, it will make the situation for “we the people” worse. It will be a signal to others who want to come here that not only New Orleans but the entire U.S. can rightly be called the “Big Easy.” We will also be telling the world’s leaders (if any have not realized it already) that we are so weak and our politicians are so incompetent (and corrupt) that: we cannot make the hard decisions and that we will always seek compromise rather than just “man up” and do the right thing. That is a very dangerous thing to tell the leadership in certain countries.

It may not seem like the “right thing” to some (or maybe most) people but if we refuse to enforce our immigration laws we ourselves become lawbreakers; if we refuse to control our borders we lose our country to whoever wants to come in; if we refuse to protect our own citizens even from this controllable kind of ‘foreign invasion,’ we, as a country, lose our right to be called a sovereign nation.


Fox News: Talks over immigration reform, guest worker program ramp up in Washington

Center for Immigration Studies: Costs of Immigration

Washington Post: Reid: Senate will pass immigration reform


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