The Best You Can Do for the Country


An article in “CNN Politics”: Obama: Republican criticism of Rice ‘outrageous’ highlights the fact that certain politicians are still, after the race was lost, acting like politicians and not like the ‘statesmen’ they are supposed to be. Republican Senators Graham and McCain are threatening to block the nomination of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice if the president nominates her for Secretary of State in his second term.

It’s easy to understand that they are ‘P.O.ed’ at the president because the Republican’s “easy” victory against Obama and their high hopes of gaining control of the Senate did not pan out but, on the other hand, it’s hard to understand how anyone can seriously blame a U.N. Ambassador for saying what she was obviously told to say. Both Senators McCain and Lindsey are no doubt true patriots but there is nothing noble or patriotic about ignoring reality and continuing to fight a ‘war’ over the president’s lies after he has all but admitted he was wrong and that Ambassador Rice was doing no more than her job . . . spewing the administration’s talking points.

In the above article the president is quoted as saying: “If Senator McCain and Senator Graham and others want to go after someone they should go after me.” He’s absolutely right! President Obama has proved that he was willing to lie about terrorism just to score political points with the electorate; it also turns out he was willing to lie (by omission) about the evolving scandal with General Petraeus for the same reason. Yes Republicans, clear thinking Democrats, independents and all Americans should “go after” President Obama for all of his lies and omissions but we had better keep in mind that this nation has more serious problems and trying to ‘score political points’ by nit-picking things like his cabinet selections, his intentional misstatements and other things that have since ‘washed under the bridge’ is a serious waste of time.

What is NOT a waste of time is blocking every piece of anti-free market and anti-business legislation that anyone (Republican or Democrat) tries to pass — that is Job Number one, and if it takes all four years of his second term to get our economy restarted it will be well worth the time and effort.

The bottom line is: the election is over, Obama won, Republican’s have two choices: either impeach the president (and see if VP Biden is any better) or set politics aside and work with Obama to do the best they can do for the country — not for the party, for the country.


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