The VP Debate – My Thoughts


How do you successfully debate a propaganda machine? Paul Ryan found out tonight that you can’t!

How do you successfully debate a ‘grinning idiot’ that doesn’t respect the rules of debate? Paul Ryan found out tonight that you can’t.

Ryan did successfully, however, make important points that said everything that needed to be said:

= President Obama came into office with a staggering National debt and complete control of both the Senate and the House. He never even attempted to put a plan in place that would reduce that debt, instead he worked methodically to increase that debt and increase the power of the Federal Government at the expense of American taxpayers.

= Since taking office, President Obama ran with his motto: “Level the playing field for the middle class” which was not only out of place and irresponsible in that fiscal environment, it didn’t even begin to work. The middle class in America is even more poor, more dependent on government and more unemployed than it has been in many decades.

So ‘vote for us’ Joe Biden says, because we care about the middle class! They may care but they certainly didn’t do the most important thing they could have done for the middle class: put them back to work.

Vice President Joe Biden, aside from being obnoxious and disrespectful, did mount a very strong defense for his president and for his president’s actions for the last almost 4 years but that was hardly unexpected. Joe Biden is a very experienced ‘back alley’ debater and, as every VP is, he a pawn of the administration.

In the end, Paul Ryan’s twice stated point (stated twice because he was repeatedly interrupted) rang very true: ‘When you are running on a poor record all you can do is try to convince the voters that they should run away from your opponent.”

Joe Biden accomplished that vilification very well and, as result, most viewers will probably feel that Joe Biden won the debate. For the good of our country and for the future of our generation and following generations I hope those viewers also understand that, debating points aside, President Obama has failed at virtually everything he promised to do and, if reelected, he has no plans to change his failed strategy. Four more years of an Obama administration and this country may be too far behind to ever catch up.


Personally I feel that the last question — the one about the candidates abortion stands — was totally inappropriate — it should not even have been there as part of the debate. Joe Biden, however, won that point hands down and he is exactly right — a politician’s feelings about abortion should have an impact on that politicians life but should not have any effect on every woman’s clear right to control her own body.

Maybe some day it will dawn on Conservatives that their religious ideas are THEIR ideas and not those of all of the American people — and they are sworn to serve ALL of their constituents, not just the ones who attend their church.

If abortion was the only question under debate, Obama/Biden would have my vote but there were many more far-reaching and important questions being debated and on those, Obama/Biden are losers.


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