You’re the Editor! It’s Romney vs. Obama vs. the Media


I’ve been around through many presidential election cycles but if there was one with more deceit, innuendo and outright misinformation from the media, I don’t remember it.

Last week a video came out showing Romney explaining his campaign strategy to people who support him and want to contribute to his presidential campaign. When speaking to a group like that on a topic like that, in a “private” meeting, you ‘paint with a broad brush;’ there is no need to get into the minutia, no need to ‘weasel word’ everything you say — these are friends and supporters and what they want to know is if you have a logical, potentially winning strategy. That’s what Romney was delivering to this audience — not knowing that the far-Left Mother Jones Magazine had a spy there with a video camera.

Then, at a point where they figured it would be most advantageous to their far-Left candidate, Barack Obama, Mother Jones released a one-sided story, filled with accusations and innuendo that supported their version of what was going on in Romney’s meeting and extrapolated on their theory that only Obama cares about the lower and middle income people in this country.

The above is just an isolated example of how the media uses it’s elevated position to misinform it’s audience.

Don’t assume that the news you get from the far-Right is any more accurate!

If you are reading a blog or a commentary or an editorial you expect the story to reflect the views and positions of it’s author. Fair enough! But if you are reading a news article that contains more than the known details of a story you know you’re being used!

Mitt Romney and the Republican party have much more than the president to beat in November and Barack Obama and the Democrats have more than Mitt Romney alone to beat! They both have to beat misinformation from the main-stream media (mostly Left), the Network News outlets (mostly Left), the cable news outlets and numerous radio talk shows (mostly Right). Some of these news sources are reliable but others are simply blogs and commentaries of a “different color.” Use your common sense and logic! “Edit” out the non-facts as you read or listen.

The message here is obvious but let me repeat: THINK FOR YOURSELF! Don’t believe any news story (from the Left OR Right) that presents only one side of a story — responsible journalism (an entity that is almost dead) will give you straight news without assumptions, forecasts, rumors or commentary — if it gives you more, you are the editor.

On a personal note (this is a blog after all): My vote will be more against Obama than it will be for Romney. I feel very deeply that Obama’s re-election would be disasterous for our country and the American people. (OK! Now that you’ve got my ‘opinion’ you can edit it out!)


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