An Eternal Truth: “The Truth Hurts!”


Right now, Mitt Romney is getting his ‘butt kicked’ for saying that nearly half of Americans “believe they are victims, are dependent on the government and (feel that they are) bound to vote for President Barack Obama.”

An Associated Press article titled: Romney tries to get on track after video remarks also revealed that “the Obama campaign worked to spread (Romney’s) quotes to any voters who hadn’t already heard them.”

Romney spoke the plain, simple truth, what’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong with that is that those ‘nearly half of Americans’ don’t want to hear that particular truth.

People don’t like to think they’ve been tricked into doing or believing something . . . that makes them feel stupid. Liberals want their nice fluffy Obama security blankets and they cherish the Obama administration’s lies, obfuscations, exaggerations and misdirections; these make them feel like they still have some measure of independent thought left in their heads. Obama supporters want to continue the illusion that the government “owes” them all that they get and, although they don’t quite understand the mechanics of it, they think there might be some giant money machine locked up in the treasury building (or in the president’s office) that will never run out of ink or paper.

Also, Obama supporters just LOVE Obama’s continual efforts to “level the playing field;” unfortunately, they don’t understand exactly what that means or understand that it is the most un-American sentiment that can ever be expressed by an elected official of our government, much more-so by the president of the United States. Churches and charity organizations task themselves to level the ‘playing field’ for people who are struggling to survive; it is the Federal government’s task to regulate taxes, minimize overreaching business regulations and otherwise promote a healthy business climate that will do far more for those struggling than charity can ever do.

The Profit Motive

America was created and grew into a magnificently rich and powerful nation on a very un-level ‘playing field’ and, even the American’s who understand that very well, may not understand that this not only took place ON an un-level ‘playing field,’ it took place BECAUSE of that un-level ‘playing field.’ Competition and entrepreneurship both flourish on an un-level ‘playing field’ and both have the same motivation: the profit motive.

Liberals have spend years trying to convince the American people that profit has the same meaning as greed and both are evil; they have been pretty successful doing that! That’s like comparing a successful business person in a free-market society with Scrooge McDuck in his ‘counting room’! In a well-functioning free-market society profits are not hoarded, they are used to build businesses, create new businesses and reward productive, creative employees. As businesses grow, more and more people are employed producing goods or providing services . . . and the cycle continues. There will always be some enterprises that are corrupt and operate on less high-minded principles but they are not the majority and, because of their nature, they are doomed to eventual failure.

Without a profit motive the United States would not exist as it does now — as a powerful, free and sovereign nation.


One thought on “An Eternal Truth: “The Truth Hurts!”

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