Lybia and Egypt: Too Many Questions!


We’ve heard of two ‘acts of war’ against the U.S. on 9/11/12. We’ve heard of 4 Americans dieing in those raids on those two U.S. Consulates in Lybia and Egypt — both sovereign pieces of U.S. territory.

We know that U.S embassies and consulates are defended by U.S. Marine emplacements. We know that our U.S. Marines are one of the finest, best trained, deadliest fighting forces in the world.


Did even one terrorist die in those attacks by radical Islam?

Are we intentionally not being told about the Muslim body count or were there no enemy casualties?

If not, why?

Could it be that the Obama administration knew that these attacks were going to occur?

Could it be that, because of the obvious cowardice that is deeply embedded in the Obama Administration’s foreign policy, we actually ALLOWED these attacks to occur?

Would a sitting American President allow U.S. territory to be invaded and allow the U.S. Flag to be desecrated?

Were the U.S. Marines told to stand down so this could happen?

Far too many questions and they all condemn the Obama Administration — and they all stink of treason!

Most damning of all: The Obama administration’s first response to Islamic Terrorists who invaded U.S. Territory and desecrated the American flag is an apology!


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