The Issue is “Choice” not Abortion


According to a CNN article this morning:

“A campaign flub by a Republican Senate candidate shifted the political focus Monday to abortion and women’s rights.”

The “flub” in question was a statement by Republican Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri who said in an interview that “legitimate rape” rarely resulted in pregnancy. Akin apparently does not believe in abortion, period, in any circumstance and was making a mindless argument to support his own personal opinion.

We obviously all have a right to our personal opinions but in Akin’s case, the case of an elected government official, he was obviously ignoring his oath to be a representative of all of the people in his district in Missouri. Akin was not speaking as a man who cares about his constituents or even one who is knowledgeable about human biology . . . no, for just that one moment his instincts as a Theocrat took over. In his mind, as in the minds of millions like him (unfortunately this includes the majority of Conservative Republicans), free will represents an impediment to a perfect world . . . a “perfect world” where the Christian Bible is the ONLY authority over mankind and those who do NOT believe in the inerrancy of that Bible must be forced by law to believe in it.

In general, people like Akin are not fit to serve in positions where they can influence laws; they are incapable of honoring their solemn oath of office which pledges them to “support and protect the Constitution”. To them, the Constitution is just another impediment to a complete Theocracy. There is, however, a “Bigger Picture” to consider.

In the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade, the nine Justices of the Supreme Court using the 14th Amendment (the Due Process Clause) stated “a right to privacy ruled that all state and federal laws outlawing abortion were unconstitutional and therefore, since that time, because of this decision, abortion has been considered ‘the law of the land.'”

Constitutionally, abortion is not even a legitimate issue — it has been settled, it IS Constitutional and it IS the “law of the land.”

The sad fact is that abortion opponents are actually opposing a woman’s right to have complete autonomy over her own body. Right now a woman’s right to choose abortion is not in contention, except in the minds of people who feel that their personal religious position against abortion (and this IS strictly a religious issue) should stand against a woman’s personal rights as well as her Constitutional rights.

The Bigger Picture

Here I have made a case against abortion opponents serving in public office — it is, however, just an emotional argument — the legal argument is, at least for now, moot and untouchable by any candidate for public office. If, however, there is anyone out there who will allow his or her stance on abortion to sway his or her vote in November — forgive me for thinking you foolish!

In this upcoming November election there are far more important “fish to fry.”

There are the matters of our country’s: tattered economy; huge national debt; far too large unemployment rate; energy independence; our status as a Republic where the individual states are, in most matters, autonomous and, among many other issues; our standing in the world as a positive force against terrorists and other evils — which, as tasteless as it seems to many, is a central issue that effects our very survival as a nation.

Compared with these, an issue like abortion rights, an issue, I repeat, which has already been settled, is far too insignificant to effect an election for President of the United States.

In my mind at least, based on just the important issues, President Obama (who apparently supports a woman’s right to choose abortion) has already lost the November election.


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