Romney/Ryan: Maybe too optimistic!


I love the idea of a President Romney and a Vice President Ryan — (the alternative is unthinkable) — they will do what’s right for the country; I will certainly vote for them in November

Here comes the “but”: But, while the choice of Ryan has most certainly excited and locked up the Conservative vote — it may not be as exciting to Independents and to others who consider themselves genuinely undecided. The mantra has always been: to win the election you have to win the Independent vote; just maybe (and again I hope I’m wrong) a Romney Ryan ticket may appear TOO Conservative to many in that large block of Independents and Undecideds.

Personally, I don’t understand how ANY American who is paying attention to the state of the nation or those that have been paying attention to what President Obama has done or to the direction he is taking the country can even remotely consider re-electing him as president. To consider re-electing President Obama a person would have to really detest the people who can actually turn the unemployment situation around, the people who have the skill and who can afford to run businesses and hire people. To consider re-electing President Obama, a person would have to be really insecure, unsure of their own self-worth and therefore scared of the possibility that the government would no longer be the great “mother” that takes care of all of their needs, a person would have to willingly choose to live by the generosity of others.

That’s not the way the country was intended to work but that’s the way some number of Americans want it to work — hopefully, this election will show them to be a minority.

And then there is foreign policy!

Under President Obama, the United States is rapidly becoming ‘just another country’.

Our many enemies are losing their respect for the United States and, more importantly, losing their fear of the United States. That must never happen because if it does, the attacks that have already begun will continue and grow in their intensity. The United States has never been a “paper tiger” and it must never become one.

The United States IS the greatest country in our world — those who doubt that are already falling into the hands of those who hate us and are jealous of us and want to bring us down to their level.

It’s obvious that President Obama does not believe that the United States is all that special and it’s obvious that he is striving to “level the playing field” in foreign policy as he has attempted to do internally to our economy. It’s a dangerous plan!

In the coming months the Obama re-election team will be trying to paint the Romney/Ryan team as enemies of the common man and champions of the rich and they will continue to vilify the most wealthy Americans. That’s a game plan that was created by failed Socialist leaders and one that is being meticulously followed by the Obama administration.

It is wise to note that, historically, EVERY attempt at creating a Socialist state has failed, has caused misery and poverty among the population and has enriched only the corrupt government leaders.


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