Newsflash: Gay’s Outnumbered by Frightened Christians


Wait just a minute! That’s not news! And neither was today’s Washington Post story titled Chick-fil-A sets sales record on Appreciation Day amid flap over execs marriage comments.

Americans in general, including religious Americans, are growing more and more accepting of the facts that gays are honoring the very spirit of Christian teachings by wanting to marry, wanting to devote their lives to each other, wanting to be known as two people who love each other enough to vow faithfulness to each other until death do them part. They are a long way from realizing full acceptance by the majority of Americans — but they will win that acceptance eventually because they are who they are — they are who God made them to be.

The myth that the sole purpose of marriage is having children is shattered every time a man and a woman has their marriage blessed by the church in spite of the advanced age or physical infirmities that makes bearing children impossible.

Realize something! When most American’s think of gays they are picturing the angry, insecure gays who are threatening to hold a “kiss-in” at Chick-Fil-A — that’s not who gay’s are. The vast majority of gay’s are just normal people who have a sexual attraction to persons of their same sex. They work beside you and you’d never know they’re gay, they shop where you do, they play on the same beaches, stay in the same hotels, prey in the same churches and you’d never know they’re sexual preferences are different from yours. Those few hundred people who march in “Gay Day” parades wearing feather boas and tiaras are the the worst enemies of gays — worse than the frightened, angry millions of Christian’s who cannot think for themselves long enough to realize that God made gays what they are just as he made everyone else the way they are. Those angry, insecure protesters are doing nothing more than scaring people, making enemies and reinforcing a false stereotype.

Hopefully, some day, both groups will ‘smarten up.’

One more thing, many of you are probably dismissing me and what I write as the ramblings of some ‘queer’ who’s trying to ‘pull the wool over your eyes’ — if you knew me, you’d know how wrong you are. I’m not gay but I treat people, regardless of how different they are from me, with respect, and the gay people I know are decent, hardworking and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They deserve my support — and YOUR support.


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