Gays in Scouting


The announcement by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) that they will not change their policy of rejecting openly gay people from membership or participation in scout troops created a mini-furor on radio talk shows. Since the majority of talk shows are anchored by Conservative hosts (to be more accurate I should say Christian-Conservative hosts) the BSA’s announcement was met with wholesale approval by the hosts but received the scorn of many callers.

Though not gay myself, I have been, for personal reasons, an outspoken supporter of gay rights; but the storm being stirred up by radical gay activists against the BSA bothers me. In fact radical activists for any cause bother me — they tend to insist on being given rights but care not at all for anyone else’s rights (not even getting into the debate over what is an actual “right” and what is just a demand).

The BSA is a private organization that can legally refuse membership to anyone it wants for whatever reason it wants (affirmed 12 years ago by the Supreme Court). By taking an anti-gay stance and then reinforcing it with a public statement, the BSA is opening itself up to scorn from those who disagree with their policy. They know that and don’t care!

It is certainly a Constitutional right for gays to, within legal limits, try to force themselves and their beliefs on anti-gay people and organizations but we must bare in mind that those doing the forcing are always the radical activists and in any group of people, the radical activists are generally 10% or less of the whole; an unfortunate after-effect however is that the entire group takes the heat from the controversy stirred up by the 10%.

I would assume that the majority of gays, having been spat on, cursed and bullied since “coming out as gay” are more than tired of rejection and would most likely not want to associate themselves with Christian bigots and other mean-spirited, closed minded individuals. Life is hard enough without subjecting yourself to associations with social retards.

On one of the radio talk shows I listened to during the boy scout controversy (the Chris Krok show), an old man called in and, after a lengthy condemnation of the push to allow gays in scouting, he concluded by saying “I don’t know why they just can’t wait until they’re 17 or 18 years old and then decide if they want to be gay or not!” The host said nothing in response! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!


Christian Science Monitor: Ousted lesbian Boy Scout leader delivers petition


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