A Question of Patriotism


It seems that the Obama Administration has a stranglehold on the entire Democratic party.

Before Obama came into office, Democrats were enemies of anything that Republicans saw as as a good idea — that’s normal and expected and Republicans were, of course, equally opposed to Democratic ideas. That’s politics! Each party has a different view of what’s best for America. Both parties, however, were filled with patriots.

The patriotism of an American political party is something that should never have to be questioned and, in the days before Obama, the proposition that a Senator or Congressperson was unpatriotic was never seriously presented outside of emotionally heated debate. Unfortunately, that proposition needs a second look on this day.

On Monday of this week, according to the Wall Street Journal, a vote to ratify the United Nation’s Law Of The Sea Treaty was narrowly defeated by Senate Republicans. This treaty, completed in 1982, has the effect of denying it’s signatories the right of sovereignty over many aspects their coastal waters and subjects the signatories of this treaty to international arbitration of disputes and the possibility that an international body could impose binding rulings on them. The United States is NOT and hopefully never will be a signatory.

The United States is and, since declaring our independence, has been a sovereign nation. In my opinion: anyone who holds an elected office in the USA, who supports a proposition to weaken or otherwise tamper with that sovereignty, is acting as an enemy of the United States.

We know from his actions and statements that President Barack Obama is not an American patriot. American sovereignty is an impediment to his plans to bring America into the “world community” as an equal. The concept of American exceptionalism; the theory that ‘the United States is different from other countries in that it has a specific world mission to spread liberty and democracy’ or is in any other way exceptional, is foreign to President Obama’s demonstrated view of a perfect world where no country is better than any other.


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