The ‘Paper Tiger’ must show it’s claws


There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth today by many Egyptians, as well as by those who watch Egypt, because of the newly elected Islamic president MOHAMMED MORSI who will, without much doubt, impose Sharia law in Egypt. That worries a lot of people.

Sharia Law is brutal, and considered uncivilized in many parts of the world but all that is beside the point; Egypt gets to choose it’s government and the majority of Egyptians have apparently chosen the Muslim Brotherhood as well as the Sharia Law that comes with it.

More worrisome however is that the Muslim Brotherhood is in charge in Egypt and that may also mean that we in the U.S. will most likely, eventually, have another hostile government to deal with in the Middle East and, given the well-deserved reputation of Islamic radicals in the Middle East, we will also most likely have more terrorist activity emanating from Egyptian borders.

To counteract this eventuality as well as the growing Islamic Fundamentalist threat in the Middle East, the United States must start to act like the Super Power it once was and still claims to be and we must start NOW before it’s too late.

We still have the strongest military and the most dedicated patriots of any country in the civilized world. It’s time to make sure that the rest of the world fears — that’s right fears and respects our military and has no doubts about our determination to use our power to protect ourselves and our allies. But instead what are we doing? We are standing by and watching terrorists take advantage of our inaction and our fear of international perceptions. We are leaving our only real Middle-East ally, Israel, virtually alone in the Arab world rather than standing by it and assuring it’s enemies that any attack against Israel is an attack against the United States; an attack that will have severe repercussions. The current administration has proven that it does not have the guts to do that.

On our southern border we are giving the narco-terrorist drug lords the impression that we are afraid to do anything but stand around waiting for them to make a mistake. We should instead be standing strong and taking aggressive, proactive stances against the cartels — including chasing them back to their encampments and eliminating them — if we did that once, there would be a drastic reduction in drug trafficking. The Mexican government would, no doubt, be outraged (at least on the surface) but they would also have more respect for our determination to end drug trafficking and narco-terrorism.

The alternative to standing strong against terrorism with decisive action is to watch the methodical destruction of our people, our structures, and eventually, piece by piece, the once indomitable American spirit; unfortunately, by their words and inaction, one must assume that the Obama administration has similar goals.

Right now it doesn’t appear that any world power is afraid of the U.S.; they view us as a paper tiger. That must change.

To be fair, none of us “normal” citizens really know what is going on behind the scenes in Washington. The current administration may have a plan and our elected officials may have more courage than it appears that they have. We can only hope; but, at the same time, not place any bets on it!


God Discussion: Egypt elects Islamic president who will impose Sharia law


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