Emotion vs. common sense


A news story from yesterday (Angry trucker puts up flag at truck stop, only to watch it come down Tells of a trucker (David Ray Thornburg) who, while passing a business in Denton, Texas on Memorial Day, noticed a flag pole at a business that was not flying an American flag. So incensed was Thornburg at this businesses lack of patriotism, he went to a nearby Walmart, got a flag and proceeded to climb the flagpole and attach the flag (see the video of his ‘heroic’ effort in the above news story).

What never occurred to Thornburg was: all of the military men and women to whom Memorial Day day is dedicated died to preserve our freedom — which includes the freedom to NOT fly a flag on Memorial Day and the freedom of a business or individual to limit access to their private property.

David Ray Thornburg actually broke the law on Memorial day because his patriotism did not allow his brain to function properly — in his mind flying American Flag became the sole reason for Memorial Day not the sacrifices of our military or the sanctity of private property they died to protect.

It’s understandable!

Patriotism operates on an emotional level and virtually every human is challenged on a daily basis to make our emotional reactions subservient to logic, common sense and legal responsibility.

This is especially true of those who are devoted to a religious ideology. All too often religious fevor, intentionally or not, ignores the rights of those who do not practice that religion or believe as the followers of that religion believe. It’s not nearly as bad now as it was in the days of Spanish Inquisition but a similar fervor drives religious zealots today.

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