Does Romney the ‘bad boy’ mean Romney is a bad man?


Forty-seven years ago Mitt Romney was apparently a very bad boy!

The incident described in a Politics Now article published today, recounts a situation where Romney, as a teenager, behaved very badly toward a student who was glaringly different from the majority of the students at the Cranbrook School in Michigan where Romney attended high school.

That incident does not reflect well upon Mitt Romney the teen aged bully but, and the Washington Post will never admit it, it says nothing about Mitt Romney the man, 47 years later.

This shows the desperation of the Obama supporters but it is, quite honestly, also typical of presidential politics in both parties during an election cycle. Millions of dollars are wasted digging up dirt from an opponent’s past and making the very disingenuous case that people never learn . . . never change.

The stories of how people misbehaved decades ago may seem relevant to the moment, but they rarely are. People do grow! People do learn! Real bullys usually wind up as inmates, not as Governors. It would not be a stretch to imply that there are singular events in every one of our younger lives that we now, as adults, regret. This may not, however, include Robin Abcarian, the author of the Politics Now article, who was, no doubt, overjoyed to be able to depict Mitt Romney as a savage bully. We can be sure that Robin was a perfect angel in high school!

It would be refreshing to see the Obama reelection campaign forget about character assassination and focus on issues that are important. Of course it is highly unlikely that you will see that happening in this campaign. We have a president who has a practically indefensible record as president and, as a result, all he and his supporters have to rely on are ‘gutter politics.’


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