At least Obama got SOMETHING right!


President Obama has “evolved” to the view that everyone really IS equal — including gay people who fall in love. I can understand why Americans would have to “evolve” to that position — the majority of Americans have been brainwashed by various religious institutions to believe in their irrational teachings. It takes something special (like a run for reelection) to clear their head.

The Christian bible has approximately 7 passages spread out between a few different “books” that seem to condemn homosexual relations. I could go into the arguments used to refute these apparent condemnations but there is no need to waste my or your time beating a dead horse. People who believe that homosexuals are inherently bad people who made a bad “choice” (the “choice” to be gay) are incapable of thinking anything else and are too brainwashed to understand that gay is not a choice or a disease or a mental disorder.

If there is anyone out there reading this who is capable of facing facts, here’s a documentary to watch: Fish Out Of Water; Fish Out Of Water is available at Netflix(R) (; just type the movie title in the search box and press the ENTER key). Fish out of Water is a partially animated documentary that interviews theologians, and ordinary people, refutes the biblical condemnations and, most interestingly, points out that the ‘Apostle Paul’ was the author of every passage that condemns homosexuality.

Since most (not all) homophobes are suppressing their own homosexual tendencies, one might conclude that Paul fits into that category … one just MIGHT conclude that!


CNN Politics: Obama announces he supports same-sex marriage

Fish Out Of Water: A documentary film by director Ky Dickens.


2 thoughts on “At least Obama got SOMETHING right!

    • Just tried the link, it works for me.

      Go to and type the movie name “Fish out of water” in the search box. Unless you’re in a country where it isn’t available, it should be right there.

      Perhaps my link wouldn’t work for you because it’s linked to my account.

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