Liberal obfuscation


Alinsky is running an Associated Press article today titled Who’s who? Obama, Romney projecting mirror image” . The article focuses on campaign rhetoric and accusations and actually states that Obama and Romney are “two cautious candidates with more traits in common than their disparate early biographies would suggest.”

The press (in this case the Associated Press) along with the Democratic Party would just love to have us believe that the differences between a second Obama term and a first Romney term would be so insignificant that we might as well go with the status quo.

Unfortunately there are some who will actually believe that! These are the same people who believe in redistributing wealth (leveling the playing field) and who believe that the federal government is still not large or powerful enough. They believe, as Obama does, that success should be punished and not rewarded. What is most chilling is that they believe that the United States is no better or worse than any other country.

I can only hope that, in November, the majority of Americans will be able to see through this Liberal obfuscation and understand that voting Obama out of office is the beginning of the “real change” that this country needs — but just the beginning. What follows has to be the dismantling of the ‘Obama years.’

During the past 3-1/2 years we’ve seen a federal government that lusts after power over the population; a federal government that has ignored the fact that this country is a republic, not a monarchy; a federal government that too often forgets that the governing document for the United States is it’s Constitution — not Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”


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