Happy Anniversary Osama! (NOT!!)


It was approximately a year ago today that you moved into Heaven with all your virgins! Hope you’re having a good time!

No, I’m being disingenuous! There probably is no Heaven or Hell and if there is I certainly don’t hope you’re enjoying the afterlife. As I see it, the reality is you’re dead and your body has pretty much decomposed by now; but in your case Osama, I REALLY like the concept of Hell and the thought of you and all your kind feeling the “heat” for all of eternity.

What you and all your murderous followers did (and are still doing) is just so unbelievably stupid and selfish its (if you’ll excuse an expression from the ’60’s) ‘mind-blowing!’

It’s like, OK I’m going to make up this God and write this “holy book” that reflects what I think is right and promise to live by it — but I’m not happy with that! I’m so sure that I’m right that I’m also going to insist that everyone else in the whole world worships my made-up God and my vision of the right way to live and if they don’t I’ll find some brainless puppets who DO believe me and have them kill everyone who doesn’t.

My made-up religion, you see, is far more important than anyone who dares to think independent thoughts.

Hey Osama, you’ve had a year to think about it, be honest! You must realize by now that you were a stupid arrogant man who lived a meaningless life.

Of course the kind of stupidity exhibited by you and your Muslim fanatics is not unique in history so don’t feel so special. For 1500 hundred years, the Christian Church systematically operated torture chambers throughout Europe. Thousands were killed because the fanatical leaders of the Christian religion set themselves up as judges, juries and executioners in the name of their made-up God.


To me, the bottom line is this: You can believe in your God and live your life the way you see fit but if the way you live your life causes anyone else pain, suffering or loss than you’ve crossed the line between being an observant religionist to being a criminal.

It’s called respect and respect is greater than any religion, any deity or any one person.


International Herald Tribune: Extremism thrives in Pakistan despite bin Laden death


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Osama! (NOT!!)

  1. algumas correçõesdoutor, passei pelo aborto retido seguido de uma curetagem no dia 03/10 com 11 semanas e 5 dias,minha a da menstruação veio normal no dia 06/11 dia 12/11 ,no dia 13/11 acabamos fazer sexo sem uso do preservativo(não estou utilizando outro metodo de prevenção)pela minhas contas o meu periodo fertil seria apartir do dia 22/11, gostaria de saber se ja posso fazer o teste de gravidez ou exame de sangue hcg?

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