Sports stars have an obligation


Yes, of course, this is about Dez Bryant! This, however, is not JUST about Dez Bryant; it’s about the obligations every sports star has to his team, his family, his fans and especially to the wannabe sports stars that make up at least half of every elementary, middle and high school.

The Dallas Cowboy’s receiver apparently loves shopping malls but he apparently hasn’t grown up enough (mentally that is) to handle being in public. Recently, at North Park Mall in Dallas, Dez was given a criminal trespass warning by an off-duty police officer for walking around with his pant’s sagging lower than the officer thought they should be. Sounds pretty petty but, according to this NewsOK story:

According to the police report, Dez has a history of problems at the mall. Police had to intervene after Dez cut in line, and a parking citation for parking in the fire lane, plus a “major disturbance” at one of the malls restaurants with an unknown woman.

When you’re a high profile sports figure, setting a good example for those wannabe sports stars is (or at least should be) just as an important part of the job description as playing your best. Dez either feels so self-important that he just doesn’t care about those kids or perhaps he just hasn’t thought about it.

Think about it Dez and all you other high profile “bad boys!” There are already far too many negative pressures and bad examples in most kids lives already; don’t continue to be another one!


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