Racism in the Tea Party Movement?


The Cap Allegations of racism at the heart of the Tea Party Movement have been in the news lately: On Thursday of this week, the Kansas City Star posted a front-page article titled: Tea party rejects racist label, but concerns remain”. On the following day an opinion piece appeared in the New York Times asking the questions: “Are Tea Parties Racist? Is Al Qaeda?” These are just two of over 2000 hits you can find on a search of Google News.

On the surface, the rationale behind this speculation of Tea Party racism seems to be the fact (and it IS a fact) that some overtly racist people keep attending Tea Party rallys and they carry signs and wear t-shirts that are blatantly racist. The fact of the matter is, you will find that in the midst (or at least at the fringes) of ANY lawful assembly of hundreds of people there will be racists as well as other radicals and almost any other classification of individuals you might think of. Does that mean that the overriding purpose of the gathering is tainted or less than worthy? Of course not! It just means that we are a free society, social dynamics are at work amd the strength and purpose of the movement is greater than any one issue.

It’s also been suggested by some numbskulls that, since the tea party movement is almost automatically opposed to everything President Obama says or does and since the president is black, the Tea Party must be opposing him BECAUSE he’s black. That is, of course, even more ridiculous. Any American president, regardless of his race, who is as overtly Socialist as President Obama would be in for the same ridicule from the Tea Party Movement.

President Obama is so Liberal, so far out of the American mainstream, he is easily opposed by patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution and in the principal of a “government BY the people.” The Tea Party Movement represents those people who believe that unless something is done to take away his power, Barack Obama will have done irreparable damage to the United States by 2012. The fact that some of those people are admittedly racist does nothing to change that overriding motivation or that scenario.


3 thoughts on “Racism in the Tea Party Movement?

  1. Abolish the Federal Reserve System and return control over America’s money supply to Congress. In the almost 100 years since the privately owned (mostly foreign global bankers such as the Rothschild’s) Federal Reserve System was established we have seen a series of booms and depressions/recessions and the erosion of our purchasing power due to the fraudulent fraction reserve banking system. We feel it is long since time to end this massive rip-off of the American taxpayer.

    Criminal trials of those really behind the 9/11 attacks on America including those officials who had prior knowledge and did nothing. We no longer believe in the official conspiracy theory of some 6′6. Arab sitting in a cave in Afghanistan causing the events of 9/11, including causing the entire US Air Force to stand down and violating the basic Laws of Physics.

    Immediate end to the Iraqi War and to the Afghanistan War; full public investigations into war profiteering in both wars.

    No further wars without a formal Declaration of War by Congress.

    End all paid and professional lobbying of Congress and the Executive branch of government.

    Federal financing of federal election campaigns with no Political Action Committees, no spending on elections by any corporation or organization, no donations to political candidates in federal elections exceeding $1,000 per person.

    No use of computer voting or vote counting in federal elections. All voting to be on paper ballots, with voters using indelible ink on a thumb after voting, all vote counting to be done in public at each voting place, with results publicly posted at each voting place immediately after counting.

    No foreign lobbying of Congress and the Executive Branch of government including AIPAC.

    Tariffs on foreign manufactured goods entering America and an abolishment of all tax breaks for off-shoring manufacturing and other corporate activities.

    Trust busting of the major banks and Wall Street firms and growing monopolies and concentrations of corporate ownership.

    Trust busting of the concentration of news media ownership.

    Criminal charges for those responsible for the economic crisis and economic restitution under RICO laws.

    Criminal charges for those responsible for torture and other violations of the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution, no wiretapping without just cause and a specific individual court order, no viewing of phone/cell phone/Internet records without just cause and a specific court order.

    No corporate or bank salary or bonus (or combination thereof) over $1 million per year.

    A full return to Constitutional Law, including no signing statements, no Executive Orders, no federal usurping of state or private rights under the Constitution.

    An end to the Patriot Act and all its provisions, an end to the full body scanning at airports.

    No dual nationals in the Executive branch of government (such as the current White House Chief of Staff).

    Full disclosure of Obama’s birth certificate and the nation of the passport used by him to travel to when in school

    Obliterate the “Admiralty Courts” and return to 100% civil courts

    Eliminate the UCC (Uniform Code of Commerce) about non-commercial “persons”

    Eliminate the US Code, as it is the actual document that makes 60 million actions (mostly innocent, victim-less crimes) criminal

    A new legal document succinctly stating that the government and it’s publicly registered corporations are subservient to human being citizens, not the reverse

    Excellent article Harvey!

  2. The reference to “we” I speak of is the people, Americans who want to have constitutional government and end all outside influence on government.

    Corporations are fictions entities with just as many civil rights that you as a living breathing person made of flesh, bones and soul have. That is not right.

    Everything in here if done would re-establish every Americans rights as the founders of America had intended and return the government and the ability to control money back to the rightful owners, the people of America.

    As the current president stated, no one person is greater than an institution, institutions are the by-product of the American people, how can a by-product created to serve usurp the rights of the individual? Thomas Jefferson warned us about these centuries ago and it is happening today.

    This would bring the values back that made America the country she once was, a beacon of hope to the oppressed and a sign of freedom and truth for all seeking such a noble life.

    In addition, when I really start to think about issues and all that intrudes into our daily lives I come up with this stuff.


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