That Helpless Feeling


I used to enjoy reading about and writing about politics but the last year and a half has put my enthusiasm into a downward spiral.

I have developed a helpless feeling — a feeling that this country is going in the wrong direction and there isn’t a thing that can be done about it. It seems that whatever the president wants the president gets and when we’re talking about our current president — that scares the crap out of me. What he wants is change! Not change directed toward a better America — change directed at a different America — one that looks more like a European nation. If you think that is just Liberal Bashing you’re not paying attention.

I liked the America we had before our current president became our current president — that nation, under the inept leadership of George W. Bush, was certainly going downhill but at least you had a feeling that it wasn’t out of control and that the Constitution was still in place. I don’t have that feeling any more. The government has gotten enormous and has it’s “fingers” (and teeth) in every “American Pie”. The problems our current president “inherited” from his predecessor were absolutely miniscule compared to the problems he’s created for the American people.

In Plain English: The Liberal mentality that is driving our economy from Washington will only weaken and eventually destroy the American economy; our impotent foreign policy is every bit as bad as it was under every president since Ronald Regan, and our country has become a haven for “illegal inhabitants” from every country in the world but especially from our Southern neighbors.

Our government is gutless — it’s major thrust is to not get other countries mad at us; when we should be building our defenses, building our economy and reminding the world that we are a strong, sovereign nation; we are independent; and the worst thing any foreign power or any bunch or uncivilized terrorists can do is mess with us.

Do you have the guts to vote for Traditional Americans in November and vote out the quasi-Europeans who now hold power in Washington?


3 thoughts on “That Helpless Feeling

  1. Hi interesting post

    If I may address a couple of things in your blog as I find it interesting to say the least.

    The United States currently spends 48% yearly of the worlds defense budget for less than 3% of the world’s population and that is a staggering amount of money for anyone’s wallet. China currently holds 800 billion in United States foreign debt and the money the Bush and Obama Presidencies expend on both wars comes directly from China who purchases American Government bonds.

    China is currently buying every ounce of gold it can get its hands on as well as major shares in large multinational oil companies all while sitting on a three trillion dollar cash reserve of other world currencies and we are supposed to be the free market!

    We can ill-afford to continue spending on borrowed money while running a one trillion dollar debt annually, sooner or later it will all come crashing down. That is the reality of the nation’s current situation and it is very unpleasant to say the least.

    Under president Bush and the introduction of the patriot act, civil liberties were curtailed and that is offensive, civilized people do not live in fear or surrender rights to the state.

    Illegal immigration is a serious danger to the country and the president’s idea of making them all citizens is severely misguided, the United States cannot afford to assimilate thirty million people over night, the catastrophe it would cause to social programs and the deficiency in the treasury would break the economy. Frankly, we do not have the manufacturing sector to absorb the people and they lack the necessary skills to contribute positively immediately to the national economy.

    The traditional America you wish to return to is long since passed, the ideals once held as values have degraded as new technology emerged and today’s generation is highly mobile and in touch with one another in an instant.

    Her people love America from coast to coast and in the heartland, the fracture in our society is the root cause of both national political parties whose venomous personal attacks on each other are indeed very poor examples of the ideal role model for public service, a once noble and just calling.

    Take your place in the little piece of heaven you call home and do what you can to make your community better; either being a mentor or volunteering, you would be surprised how a little wisdom can affect a young mind. Each of us is the change we wish to see, if we act we can influence generations one mind at a time.

    The Very Best.

    • RJ,

      Thank you so much for your well-thought-out comment. Sorry this reply has taken so long.

      The “China Connection” is certainly worrisome as is the continually growing illegal immigration problem and I damn every politician and president who created these potential American Armeggedons.

      You said: “The traditional America you wish to return to is long since passed, the ideals once held as values have degraded as new technology emerged and today’s generation is highly mobile and in touch with one another in an instant.” I’ll have to argue that one with you. “Traditional American values” are still very much alive but their proponents have slipped into the minority — I am optimistic enough (or perhaps foolish enough) to believe that this is a temporary situation and we owe that to two factors: 1) A president and Congress who governs so far to the Left that comparisons with Marx cannot be avoided and a strong and 2) a growing Tea Party movement that just might save our collective American asses from Europeanization.

      (I visited your blog and liked what I read there doesn’t however, seem to be any way of commenting. I’ll look again, perhaps I missed something.)

  2. Hi and sorry for the delay in getting back, real world issues in one of our remote deployments.

    In one of my blogs the Eroding of America, I talk about the traditions of America being alive and well in the hearts and minds of Americans. In rural America, this is still very true, the values are still cherished to this day, and rural kids arriving in the “Big City” are viewed as different because these values are taught and practised at home.

    When millions of people are concentrated in one area such as our larger cities, outside influences penetrate the minds of our children, advancements in technology bring communications into real time and insufficient parenting and guidance has allowed the deterioration of the values that made America the melting pot of the world.

    There are millions who I believe still value these traditions but see the problem as too great for them to make any real difference with the excuse of “I am only one person.” Thankfully, there are thousands more working in the inner city filling the role voided by the parents and work to bring an understanding of moral responsibility to the disenfranchised, a tragedy in America that will only degenerate as millions more have been added to the register due to the economic meltdown.

    America is in trouble, the old parties have become more of elitist than public servants and Senators, and congressmen/women are the problem and term limits must be addressed to avoid the deep-seated corruption that exists in government today. People like you and me can also be the voice of change, as we become activists once again, something I thought I had left behind me years ago.

    Right, left or center really makes no difference in the upcoming “lawful rebellion” we understand the system is damaged and needs to be fixed. Continue writing and spread the message, engage in debate and conversation using the wisdom you have accumulated throughout the years, there is a more decent America out there; we need to wake them up.

    Thanks Harvey.

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