You’d think it’s October 2008


ALT TITLE The title is a line from an article by Steve Huntley in the Oct. 20th Chicago Sun Times titled: “Excuses wearing thin for Obama, media pals”. Here’s the full quote:

“You’d think it’s October 2008, the final month in the Obama presidential candidacy, rather than October 2009, nine months into the Obama presidency. Yet the Obama White House is in full campaign mode — maybe because it needs to mask the shortcomings of the Obama presidency.”

How True! How True!

Huntly goes on to jibe the Obama administration and the “Obama acolytes” at MSNBC and CNN and others who continually prostrate themselves at the feet of their spiritual leader in the White House and continually attack anyone who speaks out against Obama. The cries of racist are continually echoed from the speakers and pages of Obama’s media organizations along with excuses for Obama’s failure to meet his promises.

Not only is the Obama administration still in campaign mode after nine months and not only are they continually pointing fingers of blame at others they are not even focused on the major problem in the United States an economy that is suffering and causing massive unemployment.

How can they ignore that? Or the better question is: Why are they ignoring that while working like they are possessed toward legislation that will further devistate the general economy, create more unemployment, increase home foreclosures, increase bankruptcies and, eventually, grind our economy to a halt?

The answer is frightening but its the only answer I can concieve of: Obama doesn’t care about the economy; all he cares about is government control and he knows that he cannot control a free market so he is determined to destroy the free market.

But what about or country’s economy as it competes in the International marketplace? Our dollar will soon be worthless anywhere except at home and, I’d bet every dollar I own that in Obama’s heart he doesn’t mind that a bit. He’s getting even!

That’s right, the President of the United States is getting even with this country that he regards as greedy and oppressive; and to get even he is going to intentionally and willfully try to destroy the United States by taking away its wealth and power.

OK! I know that sounds completely paranoid but how else can his actions be justified?

Put yourself in the Oval Office. You’ve inherited a screwed up economy. What do you do? Do you focus on things like healthcare and the environment or do you take actions to get businesses back in business and growing again so they have a need for more workers?

The answer should be obvious and if Obama had really intended to fulfill his campaign promises, now, nine months later, our economy would be growing (or at least not shrinking) and the government would be shrinking — not the other way around.

What should he have done? Here’s my list: lowered corporate taxes (or even eliminated them for a period of time); provided other incentives to business to hire more employees; ensured that only American citizens or those here legally are on employment roles; given some money directly to consumers so they themselves can buy products and services to help get businesses back on track; divested the Federal government from any and all but the most essential (for National Security) ventures; cut foreign aid to any country that does not support us and work with us in the United Nations (as a practical matter you don’t enrich your enemies); insisted on a line-item veto and lined out all tag-on legislation that cannot pass on its own; and put healthcare legislation and environmental legislation on the “back burner” until we are in a stable economy and it can be addressed intelligently.

Hardly an all-inclusive list but you get the picture I’m trying to paint; Obama had sone NONE of that and will probably never do any of that until he understands that the American People are fed up with his anti-business, anti-American attitude == and maybe not even then! He is a man possessed!


One thought on “You’d think it’s October 2008

  1. Saad Al-Haffar

    Economics, Politics, or Plain Common Sense

    Economic stimulous on the part of the government is no more, no less, than an attempt at socialism, it all begins as a campaign of search and rescue, later, it’s a government partnership. The government getting into the various private sectors such as banking, auto making, healthcare, realestate, and the list goes on, are all steps into government ownership and a migration from private enterprise. If financial giants took wrong turns, then that is their burden to bear. If auto manufacturers ran their cash flow too thin, that’s a risk they chose to take. In a true free market these organizations would be responsible for the outcomes. The government is in the business of governance, not competing markets.

    Stimulous was granted without conditions, CEO, and senior management bonuses continued to be paid out. Unemployment is on the rise, home foreclosures on the rise, small business and large business closures on the rise. I agree, Obama doesn’t care about the economy; however, he is a politician with a potentially socialist vision. He is afterall behind government control.

    I cannot wholey blame Obama for the current economic meltdown, I do however believe he will lead us into deeper debt and further economic ruin. Circulating more cash will cause further devaluation of U.S. currency, stop bailing out corporations.

    I agree with the concept of charity begins at home, and home belongs to the voters, the consumers, they should be the benefactors of the stimulous, and not the corporations. Corporations have lawyers, economists, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, accounting departments, financial forecasters, and … my point is they deligintly made their beds and they should get to sleep in them. I think the illegal aliens situation should be resolved either through deportation or issuing work permits and tax collection.

    Change starts from within us, “The Buck Stops Here”.

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