Feed Me! Heal Me!


Dr. Obama Browsing through the comments section of an MSNBC article titled: Congress: The centrist threat? The subject of government run healthcare came up. Many people displayed that ‘feed me,’ ‘heal me,’ ‘take care of me’ attitude about that shows how little they respect themselves and how little they care about the people who actually pay for their food, healthcare and whatever else. But just about as many expressed their discontent with the prospect of even more “nannycare”. In my view, the following comment by Mr. Charles Morrison of Atlanta, GA provides the most compelling argument against the prospect of our government controlling the healthcare system:

“I keep hearing people talk about how good universal health care is. Why can’t people see what is staring them in the face? Currently the government controls the VA Hospitals. Go ask a Veteran how good that system is working. I got out of the Marines in 2007 with 11 years of service to this fine nation. Needless to say, my military medical record is full of detailed information regarding all service related injuries and ailments, yet the government run VA tells me that the 2 compressed discs in my back are NOT service related when they occurred while I was carrying gear while with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). My shoulder injuries that occurred while in Iraq (for which I had two (2) reconstructive surgeries) also did not happen while in the military in accordance with the VA. Both of these items I have mentioned above are noted in great detail in my medical records. So while I wake up every morning in pain, the government run VA hospital says none of this occurred or is related to my military service. Now if a relatively small government run heath care system like the VA Hospital is being run in this manner, why on Earth would anyone believe for a moment that the government would do a better job on such a grand scale that would be required to run the hospitals for an entire nation?

If you really want to bring the costs of health care down, look at the real cause. Health care costs a lot because doctors and hospital have to pay for liability insurance. Liability insurance costs them so much because if a patient is disgruntled in any way what so ever, they file suit in the hopes of making a buck for free. If we are really serious about bringing health care costs down, we need to look at reforming or putting restrictions on a litigation happy nation.

Thankfully there are still some people like Mr. Morrison who can apply the logic of personal experience to the ridiculous prospect of bureaucrats providing our healthcare in a manner as inefficiently as they do everything else. In this gentleman’s case, he is in a situation that would cause many people to just give up on the government — but he hasn’t given up, he’s speaking out and even suggesting ways to fix its problems.

For our own survival as a truly free people and for the survival of our nation, we must all speak out, we must get rid of our bloated government and stop electing the kind of dunderheads (in Congress AND the Executive Branch) who promote destructive ideas such as National Healthcare when what they should be focusing on is the REAL reasons healthcare is so expensive: two of which are the liability litigation mentioned in the quote and also government’s own over-regulation of all medical-related industries.


One thought on “Feed Me! Heal Me!

  1. Marc McMillian

    I totally disagree. The main reason health care is expensive is due to free medical services. If there was a single payer system, that wouldn’t be an issue. Furthermore, the VA example isn’t very good because the service they provide is based on military related ailments. Not to say that government is effecient, but that’s a really bad example.

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