Blameless?: The Death of an Abortionist


Dr. George Tiller

The headline of an Opinion column written by JAMES KIRCHICK, in the latest Wall Street Journal (linked below) reads: “The Religious Right Didn’t Kill George Tiller.” Of course that’s an accurate statement but the underlying sentiment — the “story” in the piece — is that anti-abortion activists are completely blameless and that’s absurd.

When you use an emotional issue to stir up powerful sentiments, as the anti-abortion crowd does so well, and when, on a daily basis, you suggest and even call abortion doctors murderers — you need to take SOME of the blame for the death of anyone associated with abortions. Its not hard to imagine a court of law finding all of them accessories before the fact.

Granted, most anti-abortion crusaders are not violent people and just hours after the death of George Tiller the head people of every main-stream anti abortion movement denounced the murder — and then they began distancing their actions and their approaches from any act of murder. So rather than looking at the hate they stir up, at the revolting literature they happily pass out, at the power they possess in the media or at the fact that the ONLY basis they have for doing what they do are their personal religious beliefs; rather than taking responsibility for their own actions they just stand on the balcony and wash their hands of any involvement.

Sorry guys, that blood on your hands won’t wash off!

Tiller’s murderer now has a name! According to the article: “Tiller’s alleged killer, Scott Roeder, is a long-time radical antiabortion activist with reported ties to a militant antigovernment organization called the Freemen.” The “Freemen” is certainly an interesting choice for a name of an organization that advocates the denial of a basic right to pregnant females, the right to complete control of their own body functions.

There are some on the far left who compare anti-abortion crusaders with terrorists and that’s patently ridiculous; what anti-abortion crusaders are are provocateurs — they are simply agitators who loudly and graphically oppose a woman’s right to an abortion and try to pray that right out of existence. They sound the rallying cry for the individual terrorists like Roeder and the organized ones like the Freemen — but since they perform no violent acts themselves, the anti-abortion crusaders manage to escape the appellation: terrorist.

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4 thoughts on “Blameless?: The Death of an Abortionist

  1. stacey

    The contrast in news coverage and level of outrage expressed by various people, between the abortion doctor killing and the recruitment center killing, is a prime example of news media bias.

    Where is your outrage and blame for those who keep saying this is not a Christian nation, and to those who say that military recruitment center ‘s are not welcome in this country? Do these people, maybe yourself have “blood on your hands” for advocating protests against our leaders who legally used the military for the US to be able to defend itself and civil rights for people world wide?

    Just one day after the tragic murder of an a late term abortionist, a military recruiter was killed in cold blood by some kook with Muslim ties, but is there any word from the president, or on MSNBC news that we should blame this act of violence on the Muslim religion or anti war far left extremists?

    The president himself just one day later proclaims with erroneous facts that the US is one of the biggest Muslim nations on the planet, (least we forget he made other statements saying the US was not a Christian nation, even though Christians outnumber Muslims in the US by 100 to 1 but I digress) Why the double standard, that is the question?

    No all we get is non stop news on how Christians are kooks who believe that innocent people should not die, and somehow christians advocating deaths, what Irony? Advocating the deaths of an abortionists, whom are Innocent of any criminal accusations, by the law of the land. 100 to 1 Christin’s believe that the law of the land is the law of the man and the law of god is the law of god, and that this abortionists will get his due in front of god, that is not mans job, other to to point out peacefully he has error-ed in his judgment in practicing late term abortions,

    no we don’t heare this from you or the news, like a lot of things your side is silent about, take for example other facts that you forget to mention:

    The pro-life movement is the most peaceful social movement in the history of this country. Most other social movements, including the unionization movement, the pro-abortion movement, the homosexualist movement, the animal rights movement, and the environmental movement have all demonstrated much greater violence. So where is the outcry over the violence committed by these movements?

    George Tiller is the first abortionist to be killed in eleven years. If you think that’s a “trend,” or an “epidemic” as some have said, you’re just not a serious person.

    All of the posturing going on in the pro-abortion movement over the safety of abortionists is a ruse. There are four times as many hairdressers and 150 times as many convenience store clerks murdered as there are abortionists. Where is the “pro-choice” grieving over them?

    Abortionists are not only widely considered an embarrassment to the medical profession, but they are much more likely to commit violence than to suffer violence. You may be surprised to learn that more than a dozen abortionists have been convicted of murder and manslaughter ― of their wives, of their patients, and even of other abortionists. Yet you never hear about these killings in the press (see for documentation). Abortionists are more likely to kill than to be killed.

  2. Stacey,

    One step at a time — I understand your ourage but let’s not mix apples and orange.

    You say: “Do these people, maybe yourself have “blood on your hands” for advocating protests against our leaders who legally used the military for the US to be able to defend itself and civil rights for people world wide?”

    When the HELL did I say ANYTHING like that?? You seem to be commenting on my post with comments intended for someone elses writing.

    I have not even heard of the recruitment center killing and I am a staunch supporter of the military — if you had read other posts of mine you would know that! You will hear my “outrage and blame” for those who say that military recruitment centers are not welcome in this country as soon as I read up on what happened.

    As for those who say “this is not a Christian nation” I tend to agree with them. We are a people who follow a moral code that was bred into us and refined through thousands of years — religion, oh so many years ago, snatched up this moral code and said that they invented it — or to be exact they say it did not exist before the “Lord created the heavens . . . etc.” Our nation is, first and foremost, a nation of laws — not a Christian nation; people confuse the fact that the majority of Americans are (or at least were) Christians with the Constitution — the Constitution is America’s only “Bible”.

    Every murder is an inexcusable act but my “outrage” in this post was against the people who generated the hate that eventually set some maniac on a course that wound up with Doctor Tiller being murdered.

    I heard the comments the president made and they are as repulsive as he himself is.

    You stated: “100 to 1 Christin’s (sic) believe that the law of the land is the law of the man and the law of god is the law of god, and that this abortionists will get his due in front of god, that is not mans job, other to to point out peacefully he has error-ed in his judgment in practicing late term abortions.”

    Well said! I don’t disagree at all except to point out that when Christians “point out peacefully” that abortionists have errored in their way they are expressing their OPINION, based on their doctrine — they are not dealing with facts.

    Just one more thing: I am a very serious person but I can only spend a limited time writing — I don’t make a living off my opinions. I have just over 200 posts in this blog and express my opinion about many things — most of which you’ll probably disagree with — but when I write, I write what I seriously believe based on what I know at the time.

    Just one more thing: Abortionist don’t “kill” or “murder” — those acts are against the law; abortion, however, is perfectly legal.

  3. Audra

    I am a pro-lifer. You say I am to blame for George Tillers death??? I’ll tell you what – I’ll take the blame for however many Abortionist and Pro-Choice people have died IN THE WORLD EVER, if you’ll take responcibility for the 30+ MILLION aborted babies just in the US. Heck – add to my count Rowanda and even Russia during Stalin – I don’t care. – You still come out ahead. Do that, and it’s a fair trade.

    This shouldn’t be about blame – it’s about BLOOD my friend.

  4. Audra,

    If you’re a “pro-lifer” and you participate in the hate speech/acts against abortion doctors — if you call them and their patients “baby killers”, based on absolutely nothing but your religious beliefs you are being irresponsible and you are inciting the murder of those you call killers.

    You certainly have the free-speech right to incite murder in this indirect way but don’t complain when you’re called on it!

    If you have a personal problem with abortions, don’t get one!

    Blame! Sure I’ll take the blame for anything you want — I’m not afraid of speaking my mind — not afraid of standing up for woman’s rights to control their own bodily functions, including the decision to give birth or not — to stand up for their rights in the face of the brain-dead bible thumpers who care not a whit for anything but the things their church tells them to care about.

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