The Catholic Paradox


An excerpt from a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer dated today (5/21/09):

“LONDON – For more than a half century, thousands of children in church-run orphanages and reform schools in Ireland were severely abused by priests and nuns, a government commission said yesterday in the first official accounting of a scandal that has wrenched the deeply Roman Catholic nation.

The 2,600-page report, which capped a nine-year investigation, said rape and sexual abuse were “endemic” in boys’ institutions funded by the state but run by the church. “A climate of fear, created by pervasive, excessive and arbitrary punishment, permeated most of the institutions and all those run for boys,” it said.

In general, the commission found, the severe physical and sexual abuse that occurred in boys’ schools was absent in girls’ schools. It said “emotional abuse,” including humiliation and denigration, was common in institutions for girls.”

It sickens me and has for many years!

I’ve been hearing about abusive “brothers”, “sisters”, priests and nuns from friends who attended Catholic schools since I was a very young boy (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth — LOL!). I’m sure we all have and I’m sure many of you suffered under the belt, hand or stick of some overzealous (My word for them is ‘sadistic’) priest or nun.

“Why are they like that?” I asked my young friends occasionally. Either “I don’t know!” or “They’re just mean!” was the usual reply.

As we got older, however, it became more clear. These people (Catholic clergy) who are supposed to be representatives of God, who are supposed to symbolize God’s teaching have been placed in a position (by men, not by God) that God’s creations were never meant to be in — they have chosen a chaste existence, denied any normal physical contact with the opposite sex and, in fact, convinced that they would be turning their backs on God for even considering it.

Many (if not most) can’t handle this lifestyle and the result of that is all too clear in reports of their physical and sexual abuse of the innocent. The innocent who they know will grow up and be able to enjoy the ‘pleasures of the flesh’ that they have chosen to deny — and the innocent are punished for this.

Notes to readers:

  • The above is theory, based on a logical evaluation of fact, but theory nonetheless.
  • I am not a religious person now but was brought up in a religious but other than Catholic environment.
  • I have no intention of insulting Catholics, the Catholic laity or the clergy — but realize I probably have insulted quite a few. Sorry!
  • My theory is NOT, however, based on religion — it is based on human nature.)

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